Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Giving this a try! ;)

So I actually found The Pleated Poppy a few years ago.  Love her blog, her shop.....she's so creative at throwing parties for her kids.

So (according to her)....she started this thing called "What I Wore Wednesday" about 2 years ago.  She takes pictures of what she wears every day....and posts those pictures on Wednesdays.  She started this as a way to make herself accountable for getting out of her pjs.  A rut that I just so happen to be in.  A rut, that for the longest time....had no desire to get out of.

I really believe (and Kristin and I have talked about it a few times)....that when I get out of my pajamas and sweats and dress for the day....I really do have a better day.  I feel better, and then somehow, am more productive.

Why have I never joined in before?
-Thinking Knowing I do not have great style.  ;)
-Having 'nothing' to wear after having a baby.
-Laziness.  On a few levels.....not wanting to get out of my sweats....and then if I did...not wanting to take a picture then post it.
- Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Why now?

Megan introduced me to this adorable blog called The Vanilla Tulip a few weeks back.  Well- I've become a regular reader....and she also participates in WIWW.  But it was her WIWW from last Wednesday.....where she posted about what her and her girl wore.  I loved that!

Because- a lot of the time I am lazy with what they wear when I should be dressing them, too!

{Don't get me wrong....there will still be a place in our life for pajama days....these are Parker's favorite things to wear and I love that she loves to wear them right when she gets home.  And I still want the girls to be able to pick out their clothes that I might not would have picked out for them.  Geoff says it's 'letting them express themselves."  Whatever.  ;)  Anyway-  the deal is....when I get dressed....out of my sweats.....and I am more productive....and when I am happier.......everyone is happier.  It's a snowball effect, and a win-win.}

So here's my go at it.  ;)  I'm a little intimidated.  I'm not one for taking pictures of myself.  So this is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone a bit.....

I got a late start this Monday.....

Top- The Loft (on sale)
Nechlace- New York & Company
Jeans: New York & Company
Shoes: Toms (ash)....this is the first pair I ever bought and LOVE them!  Already trying to decide what other pair I want!

One of Parker's old outfits.  I honestly have now idea where it's from.  But had to include her.  ;)

Top- An appliquéd Tinkerbell tee made by my mom.
Pants- Yellow pants that Parker picked out because it 'matched' Tinkerbell's hair.  ;)  I tried to get her to wear her dark denim jeggings, but well- some arguments aren't worth arguing.
Shoes- Rain boots that we love from Target.


Top- Old Navy
Jeans- Maurices
Shoes- Toms

And Wednesday-

Yikes!  ;)  I slept half the day after working last night, and then put on my AWANA shirt for church.

Parker and Grace:
Parker wearing a dress that Kristin made and my mom appliquéd "BOO" on.
Grace wearing a 'candy corn' pillowcase dress made by me.

Looking forward to next week!  ;)


Visit the link below to see what others are wearing throughout the week...

pleated poppy


skye @ neathering our fest said...

First of all, your girls are beyond precious! Second of all, you are gorgeous and stylish! Or maybe I just think you are stylish because it seems we shop in all the same stores? (jeans - maurices, top - old navy, shoes - toms... YUP). I love the white/coral top from old navy. You look great! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment... Hope to see you back again next week!!

Megan said...

I love it!!! You might motivate me as I sit here in my pj's. I decided last night that today was going to be a pj kind of day! :-)

I love the top from Old Navy too!!

Jennifer said...

I have this false impression you girls all know each other since Ashely used to live in your town. I love her. She is a sew-er like you. I should do this too. I always get dressed it's just not always cute. Hudson has the same Tom's as you. I am totally going to try them on when we are home. I know Groovy's sells them. I ordered his, but my foot is so hard to fit so I need to be able to try them on. I love the red and the new fall/winter patterns.

Jodie said...

I love this idea. I am not that brave :) I love your style!

Emily Miranda said...

I might just have to do this with you Marla! I OFTEN stay in pajamas at home, all day on my days off. It's quite a shame. :( But thank you! And you look great!


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