Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Polar Express

This past weekend we ventured out to Palestine, Texas to ride The Polar Express all the way to the North Pole.  :)  My mom and Terry had gifted these to us, but at the last minute, were unable to come these;ves.  We enjoyed hot cocoa, a sugar cookie, and seeing Santa!

He was so adorable & just loved it all1

It was this cutie's first train ride.

My boys.

The North Pole!

Sweet sissy did so good.  I nursed her right when we got on...and the moment of the train lulled her right to sleep.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Stories in Wonderland

The girls were were in a play over the weekend at our community playhouse.  this was parker's 3rd play here, but grace's first.  they looked adorable and did a great job.  it's so much fun watching them and so proud of them.

Grace was Tiger Lily and Parker was Pinocchio (she was disappointed to play the part of a boy (again!)....but she did so good...and most of the 'boy parts' were played by girls anyhow.


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