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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 weeks

I had my 30 week check-up today.  It's just a routine appointment with a heartbeat check and measuring of the belly.  So Baby's heartbeat is good at 135 bpm.  As far as my belly measurement.....well.

I did not see my actual doctor last time...I saw another one in the practice....and so this time- it was my actual doctor.  He brought up that I was a little concerned with how big the baby is.  To which I replied, "Yes!"

At 29 weeks- he was already measuring 2 and a half weeks big.  Which didn't really concern me too much at the time because both girls always seemed to measure about 2 weeks ahead, as well.  We just have big babies, I guess.  But the doctor I saw last time went ahead and ordered me a sonogram (which I was happy about) to have around 34 weeks just to get better measurements.

So today- he is measuring 34 weeks BIG!!!  Yes....that's 4 weeks ahead, people.  The doctor is not concerned about it at all.  He said we would still do the sono in a few weeks just to get better measurements, but that since I am a repeat c-section- he's not really worried about his size too much.  If it was my first pregnancy and such- they'd be more concerned about size and delivery blablabla.

Well this momma is still concerned about the size!  I left a little emotional (I'll blame it on the hormones)...because he told me that the one thing I could do to help with his size is watching my weight gain and exercising.  I have gained 22 pounds so far, and I suppose that the recommended amount to gain is between 25 and 35lbs....which I figured I was still within that range seeing as I only have 9 weeks left?  And I think I gained between 30 and 35 with the girls so...  Just not what I was wanting to hear.  {Not that I know what I did want to hear, but still.}

On a positive note....I'm feeling pretty well.  Slowing down for sure, but can't really complain.  I am in full bloom nesting mode trying to get the nursery and the rest of the house 'ready' for his arrival (which I've pretty much been in this mode since around 18-19 weeks).  The nurse asked me today if I was ready and I said, "No!  Once he's here, he's here.  I still need this time."  :)  At the same time...I am getting very excited to see his face and hold him.  Still having moments where I think, "I can't believe there's a baby in my belly...that will be here very soon."  Which I'm thinking I should be over now that I'm 30 weeks??  haha

Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of Parker's assignments for school this week was a little book report.  She was supposed to pick her favorite book...write the title at the top of the page...draw a picture of the story...then tell me what happened in the story while I dictated what she said on the back of her picture.  Then they are even going to present their picture/story to the class.  I love this idea!

So we chose Pinkalicious.

I sat down at the table with her with all of the supplies....and she said, "Oh wait!  Wait a minute!"  And ran off.  I was haggling Grace at the it took me a minute to realize she'd been gone a little while...and I was ready for her to get back so we could get on with our work.

Well...turns out...she had run into her room to put on her Pinkalicious tutu dress and wings.  

We read the book together first, then she began to draw.  So fun to see what she came up with.  She drew the scene where Pinkalicious visits the playground and the bees and birds think she's a flower and fly all around her.

 After all school work was complete...the girls played so nicely together.  We really had a good day today.  Not too much whining or arguing.  :)

We had a lunch date with Kristin and Payton this afternoon...and I just wasn't up for an argument and let Parker wear that Pinkalicious dress in public.... with the stipulation that she'd also wear leggings.  So she did.  And she chose the turquoise headband and the rain boots, too.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

So I asked her to let me take a picture of her in her outfit.  I laughed out loud when I loaded these pictures onto the computer tonight.  Just so funny to me.  I love this kid.  And she can be such a joy to be around...and she's just growing up.  {and this posing is ALL her}

Seriously?  ;)

So once I got Grace dressed, I asked her if I could take a picture of her {I was just proud of the fact that her outfit coordinated (would not have picked those gold shoes, but again- not worth the argument)} AND got 2 bows in her hair at that!

And she posed like this.  Ha ha ha!!!  Monkey see, monkey do.  Love it.

Oh- my sweet girls are getting SO big.  Time- please slow down.

Today- we ran some errands and the checkout lady at Joann's asked me when I was due.  I told her, and she replied with, "Not soon enough, huh?"
And I said, "No....I actually need this time."

Because the reality excited as I am to meet this little's going to be the end of just the 4 of us.  The end of just me and my girlies.  And yes- for sure- we will have time just us and it will still be special...and all of our love will grow and new brother-sister bonds will be made.  
But for now- I just want to cherish these days with them while I can still give my attention to just the 2 of them.

Monday, February 18, 2013

29 weeks

Yay!  I made it to my third trimester!  I know most people do...and it's not most peoples' concern...and I do not have a history of preterm labor.....but being a neonatal ICU nurse will do some serious playing with your thoughts!  :)  And really- anything can happen.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not anywhere near being ready for baby boy....but reaching the 3rd trimester did make me happy.  And yet at the same time- I can't believe how fast the time has gone (how many times can I possibly say that?).  So now the doctor's appointments already come every 2 weeks!

At my 28 weeks appointment...I took the glucose challenge test.  While I wouldn't venture to say that this stuff is good...I think the fruit punch one is better than the orange.  :)

I never heard back so I'm thinking the results were good.  Thankful for that.  This little guy is measuring 2 and a half weeks ahead though!!  Big baby!!  The doctor I saw at this appointment ordered me a sono for 34 weeks to see just how big he I'm looking forward to seeing baby boy and pray all is well.

I guess not much else has changed since 2 weeks ago.   Parker has really started to show quite a bit interest in the baby and my belly.  It's really the sweetest thing and every time her eyes get so bright and she stands right in front of me and places her little hands on my belly in the hopes that baby brother is moving and awake and it just makes my heart melt. And I'm pretty sure every time it happens I think, "I'm so glad she's at this age and has this joy and understanding."

Last night she really had us laughing {and impressed} as she was trying to feel the baby move, but I told her he was asleep.  She usually then just talks to my belly and rubs it to possibly wake him up.  Well- this time she asked, "How 'bout I just yell down your mouth?"  How funny!!  And a perfect illustration of her depth of understanding...that the baby is in my belly....and there is a way to my belly...and it's through my mouth.  Love it!

He has the hiccups a lot!  A few times a day on most days.  Feeling him move still amazes me.  II feel him the most in the evenings....mostly because this is the only time of the day that I am just sitting quietly and by myself.  I really try to soak it up and remember the moves....especially since this will probably be the last time I have the opportunity for such a thing.

Craving: Still wanting lots of chips and salsa (from Chili's...which I have not made happen in a while so I'm thinking I need to so that the craving will subside?)  :)  And ice cream.  So weird (yet not).  With each pregnancy I have developed a serious sweet tooth.  I want something sweet practically after every meal.  And ice cream seems to do the trick.  When not pregnant- I don't usually crave the sweets and it's not hard for me to turn them down either.  After each pregnancy my sweet tooth has gone away...and I hope it does this time too!!  My waste line cannot handle this craving!!

Sleeping:  Not as well.  :)  Of course- I think I'd be doing a little better in that department if my dear, sweet 3 year old didn't come in our room a few nights a week  But that's another story for a different day.

Sewing progress:  I started on his blanket and sent it with my mom to add his name then I can finish it....only we still don't have that yet.   I DID finish his changing pad cover and his curtains!  Slowly {very slowly} but surely we are marking things off our my list.  :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013


My mom was so sweet to offer for the girls to come stay with her last night so I could get some sewing done for baby boy.  I have a deadline for myself of mid-March to have his bedding complete....and we got to thinking...there aren't many weekends between now and then.  I always have good intentions of sewing once the girls are in bed but I'm usually just too tired/lazy.

I did get his changing pad cover finished earlier this week.  And as of this morning...his curtains are officially complete! (Well- I say complete....everything is hemmed except the bottom....which are pinned and ready to sew, but I just want to double check once we actually have them hung that they are the exact length that I want.)  

I plan to do a cost analysis (sounds so technical and I don't mean it to) on how much I'm saving making my own bedding once the nursery is complete.  
Just for the curtains:  on can get this exact print/size of chevron curtains for about $140 plus tax and shipping.  But mine also have a blackout liner added which would increase the cost.  So-  total cost for these curtains which also have the addition of blackout lining: $80.  

I will say these were a labor of love, though.  :)

With the blackout curtains I made for the girls....I didn't fret too much on exact measurements.  That fabric is so flow-y, I figured it would be forgiving....and it would have probably been impossible to get just right even if I had wanted.  But with these...there was lots of measuring and matching up...I wanted the panels to be the exact same.  So there was lots of crawling and scooting on the floor....and at 29 weeks proved to be less than ideal. :) 

I did most of my cutting last night and Geoff got home right as I was about to cut the blackout fabric.  He offered to do it for me...and I seriously teared up as I saw how quickly he was moving along the floor and had both panels cut in less than 10 minutes.  It would have taken me at least 30 minutes.

Then I did my hemming this morning.

Geoff brought the girls home FIVE minutes after the curtains were complete.  I had hoped to get more done than I did, but I never get as much done as I plan.  Nevertheless....I am pleased with just having these curtains done!

I wanted to have a good afternoon with girls and not just lay around (we did that yesterday, ha!).
  So not long after they got home...they played while I got lunch together.  I had to laugh and snap this picture real quick.  I mean....I'm thinking we need more large toys for them to play with??  Kinda ridiculous.  {on a side note...I didn't even want the girls in these pictures...but they saw me holding the camera up and immediately smiled.  I guess I trained them well, haha!}

After lunch we made some cookies.  I picked this box up this morning at Wal-Mart.  I was hoping they'd be on clearance, but it wasn't.  They just looked so good though.  :)   And who cares if we're 2 days late?

While one batch was in the oven...this gal kept sneaking bites of the dough.

 She thought she was soooo funny!

Parker didn't want to miss out either...

Love this girl.  She is a MESS!!

While the cookies cooled we headed outside for a bit.  It was such a nice day.

Again- they self-posed themselves for the following 2 pictures.

And back inside to ice the cookies..

...and a few sprinkles....

I may have had one {or two} for myself.

And on that note....I think I may go have another.  ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

our valentine's day

 I've never really been that into Valentine's day.  But this year I realized that it's a pretty fun little holiday.  I love dressing the girls in the pink and red.....and I love gathering a few little things here and there to surprise the girls with.  And one day I'd even like to put up a few decorations for the fun of it...but that'll have to just be one day.  :)

Parker has been hounding me about getting this Bubble Tape since Christmas.  I told her maybe for Valentine's day and she did not let me forget it!  Only- the funny thing is....she finally gets to chew this gum...and doesn't even like it!  She had some at a friends house probably almost 2 years ago and she couldn't really 'chew' it then because she'd just swallow it.  Anyways....all this time later she finally gets what she wants...and realizes it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Parker was up a little before Grace so we got to enjoy a little one-on-one time.  I printed out a few things from this Valentine's preschool pack the night before and let Parker do them while she ate candy we ate breakfast .

After breakfast we got ready and headed to a fun little birthday party at Chick-fil-A.

I told Grace to go put her shoes on.  I meant for her to not wear socks.  When I saw that she had put socks on I told her that we needed to take them off because they don't match.  Then she told me in the sweetest voice, "But Mommy- they're Valentine's day socks?"  And I couldn't argue with that.  

I will say I was excited to get a 3rd year use out of this outfit!  My mom made the shirt and I made the skirt for Parker 2 years ago.

I was dragging a little bit once we got home from the birthday party.  And so was Grace.  I know I've mentioned it before...but Wednesdays are our loooong days that don't end til 9pm.  And Thursday morning still comes early.  ;/  Parker was SO good and let Grace and I go lay down for probably 30 minutes.  I thought if Grace would get still she'd go to sleep.  Yeh- no such luck.

So after an attempted nap...we decided to do a few Valentine activities.

I gave Grace this cutting activity from the Valentine's preschool pack.....

We made some Valentine's for Geoff.  Parker had it in her head that we needed to cut out hearts with red paper and use glitter.  So we did as best as we could with what we had.

Parker said the big heart was Geoff and the little heart was her.

And we ended our session with us all doing a coloring hearts page from the Vday preschool pack.

I was impressed with Grace's attempt at tracing!

Then she got tired of tracing and started to scribble scrabble, as we call it.  She told Geoff tonight when she saw him, "Da-da!  I scribble scrabbled on your paper because you wike {like} me to scribble scrabble."  ha ha.  It was so sweet.


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