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Monday, February 18, 2013

29 weeks

Yay!  I made it to my third trimester!  I know most people do...and it's not most peoples' concern...and I do not have a history of preterm labor.....but being a neonatal ICU nurse will do some serious playing with your thoughts!  :)  And really- anything can happen.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not anywhere near being ready for baby boy....but reaching the 3rd trimester did make me happy.  And yet at the same time- I can't believe how fast the time has gone (how many times can I possibly say that?).  So now the doctor's appointments already come every 2 weeks!

At my 28 weeks appointment...I took the glucose challenge test.  While I wouldn't venture to say that this stuff is good...I think the fruit punch one is better than the orange.  :)

I never heard back so I'm thinking the results were good.  Thankful for that.  This little guy is measuring 2 and a half weeks ahead though!!  Big baby!!  The doctor I saw at this appointment ordered me a sono for 34 weeks to see just how big he I'm looking forward to seeing baby boy and pray all is well.

I guess not much else has changed since 2 weeks ago.   Parker has really started to show quite a bit interest in the baby and my belly.  It's really the sweetest thing and every time her eyes get so bright and she stands right in front of me and places her little hands on my belly in the hopes that baby brother is moving and awake and it just makes my heart melt. And I'm pretty sure every time it happens I think, "I'm so glad she's at this age and has this joy and understanding."

Last night she really had us laughing {and impressed} as she was trying to feel the baby move, but I told her he was asleep.  She usually then just talks to my belly and rubs it to possibly wake him up.  Well- this time she asked, "How 'bout I just yell down your mouth?"  How funny!!  And a perfect illustration of her depth of understanding...that the baby is in my belly....and there is a way to my belly...and it's through my mouth.  Love it!

He has the hiccups a lot!  A few times a day on most days.  Feeling him move still amazes me.  II feel him the most in the evenings....mostly because this is the only time of the day that I am just sitting quietly and by myself.  I really try to soak it up and remember the moves....especially since this will probably be the last time I have the opportunity for such a thing.

Craving: Still wanting lots of chips and salsa (from Chili's...which I have not made happen in a while so I'm thinking I need to so that the craving will subside?)  :)  And ice cream.  So weird (yet not).  With each pregnancy I have developed a serious sweet tooth.  I want something sweet practically after every meal.  And ice cream seems to do the trick.  When not pregnant- I don't usually crave the sweets and it's not hard for me to turn them down either.  After each pregnancy my sweet tooth has gone away...and I hope it does this time too!!  My waste line cannot handle this craving!!

Sleeping:  Not as well.  :)  Of course- I think I'd be doing a little better in that department if my dear, sweet 3 year old didn't come in our room a few nights a week  But that's another story for a different day.

Sewing progress:  I started on his blanket and sent it with my mom to add his name then I can finish it....only we still don't have that yet.   I DID finish his changing pad cover and his curtains!  Slowly {very slowly} but surely we are marking things off our my list.  :)

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