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Saturday, January 28, 2012

let vacation begin.

So I finished up work last night and will now have 15 days off!  I'm a little excited, if you can't tell.

I worked the past 3 nights and was just so exhausted.  Thursday and Friday mornings I could barely stay awake on the drive home.  It was miserable.

I overslept on Friday afternoon.  Just kept pushing snooze for 40 minutes and had no idea I did until I finally woke up.

But this morning came and I had an extra boost of energy.  It helped knowing that I would not be going back to work for a while.  :)

So as a treat and to start our vacation off right....I stopped on my way home for donuts.  The girls love them (and so do I)....but we've been really good about not getting them much lately.

I got my phone ready for pulling into the driveway.  Parker usually hears the garage door open and runs to the door and opens it.  She's usually giddy, smiling....saying "Mommy, Mommy!" and bouncing all around.  It's pretty sweet, I'll have to admit.  But tugs at my heart all the same.

Anyway....this was her face right as she opened the door...

Grace ate her donuts standing up.  She was bouncing off the walls, too.  The girls are generally happy, regardless of who is home with them.  But when we are both home....they just seem overjoyed.  Just as we are.

I get them chocolate with sprinkle covered donut holes.  Grace likes to just eat the chocolate and sprinkles then put them back in the bag.  Which is fine until she has to really start doffing for them,

An already half-eaten one...

Still searching....

"I dot {got} it!"

I slept really good until 3pm....which is a little later than I normally do when I am going to 'flip' back to days.  But I just felt I really needed a little extra sleep.

And to finish off the day....we headed to Snuffer's again for dinner.

Parker and Geoff played tic-tac-toe.  I'm usually a sucker and let her win.  He lets her win some, but she loses, too.  Although I haven't had the heart to do it...I do think it's good for her because when she does figure out how to play the'll be because he didn't always let her win.

And love this one.....Parker with my sunglasses...

Just me and my oldest gal...


Looking forward to some time off.  I've started lists of things I want to get accomplished but feel overwhelmed because I know time is still limited and will probably only get a small chunk done.  Regardless- my number one goal is to enjoy it!

Now....getting off the computer to watch Moneyball with Geoff.  Should be fun!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Never before seen footage: Thanksgiving Eve 2010

It's already a little hard to remember....but this was from the day before Thanksgiving of 2010. Yes- you read that right. 2010.

I uploaded these pictures not long after Thanksgiving happened that year, then never posted.  But I am now.  I also have a post from Thanksgiving day of 2010, but I have to find it.  ;)


So I saw lots of posts that year (this was before Pinterest, mind you.....or at least before I knew about it)....of these cute little turkeys made out of oreos, reese's, and candy corns.  I don't know how it hapapened....but somehow, Geoff was the one that got stuck making them.  Parker helped a bit.

Oh my goodness.  Parker's hands are so much smaller and squishier than they are now!

Maybe this baby (Grace) is the reason Geoff got stuck making them!  ;)  I miss that baby!  See this picture makes me want to go pick her up.  She's so big now.

"Can I have this?"

I made apot of chili and we made Frito pie.  It was a nice day out....not too hot or we sat outside and had lunch.

We made handprint turkeys......

It was a little challenging doing her 10 month old hand....

I did get some pictures of the finished product, but those are from Thanksgiving day.  So hopefully I'll be back to post those pictures.  I remember there were some good ones.  And hopefully it won't be in 15 more months!  ;)

This is one of the first times Grace went down the slide.  She had gone down it great with Parker when only I was outside with them and I didn't have the video camera out.  Then I tried to get them to do it again....this time Geoff helping and me filming....and he let her go a litle too far...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

from our week- Phone Photos

Posting my phone photos a little early this week.....


I wrote about how Grace woke up Monday not feeling well.  It took her almost the whole week to recover.  By Wednedssay mid-afternoon she wasn't running fever, but sttill just took a few more days to get back to 100%.  She took a few loooong naps.  She's so sweet.....


I let Parker play in the shaving cream one afternoon....


I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this past weekend and Parker was so sweet and happy when she cam ein to wake me up on Monday afternoon.  She hugged on me....then got up and told me she would put toothpaste on my toothbrush for me.  So she did.  Not long after she came back into our room and told me that her thumb hurt.  I didn't exactly know why until I walked into the bathroom and saw this.  She had rolled up the toothpaste and worked so hard to get the toothpaste out that it hurt her finger!  I hugged her up and thanked her so much for helping me out.


One of our friends had a baby last week and I made a chicken pot pie to take over for dinner.  It's been a while since I've made one but it was easy and good.  I will share the recipe over the weekend.


We've gotten some good rain over the last few days here.  And while it's been sort of flooding....we are still in need of it since the drought over the summer and fall.

It was thundering and lightening SO much on Wednesday night and she was pretty frightened by it (maybe a little agged on by her sister who was also not liking the lightening that she said would 'kill her life'......I don't know who would tell her that?  {cough cough- Geoff- cough cough}..  Grace would run up to me and say, "Hold me, Momma."  And then she'd say, "I tared" {I scared.}.

She was sitting in my lap and would cover her face when she'd hear the thunder.


This happened on Wednesday night, as well., but I wasn't able to snap a  picture in time.  But we had just gotten home....and I brought the girls in.  Then went back out to get a few things from the car.  When I back came in....this is basically how the girls were standing.  Parker said, "Aawww, Mom.  She's scared and I'm making her feel better."   I went for my phone immediately, but it was too late and Grace wanted me to hold her.

I never told Geoff this happened, but it happened again the next morning and Geoff was able to capture it and sent it to me in a text..  I absolutely love it.  Love that Parker wanted to protect her little sister and that Grace went to her.  Just looking at their little arms wrapped around each other...I can't help but smile. 

Anyway....moving on....;)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

on my mind....

So I was reading this post from a blog that I read frequently....and she linked, and made reference to, this blog post- 'Friendly Fire.'  In the post- she is talking about the debate between stay-at-home and working moms.

I was glued to the computer screen the entire time I was reading it.  I was kind of shocked that there was a 'debate,' per se, because- for me- since I have stayed at home, and now I work....I don't feel that anyone has judged me either way.  Maybe that's just my naivety?  But anyway- I just think that everyone has a different life and has different reasons and things that are better/best for their family.

So anyway- I'm not here to beat a dead horse, I just keep thinking about it and decided I'd go ahead and share and be done with it.  She brought up some points I hadn't thought of...and brought out some of my thoughts in her words.  Like thoughts about my friend, Guilt.  ;)

So check it out if you have a chance.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning.....

I actually set my alarm Christmas morning so that we could go in and wake Parker up.  This hardly ever happens and she loves it when it does.

We opened presents.  Ate a good breakfast.  And made it to church.  On time.  ;)

After church we headed to my  Dad and Kay's.

I made the cheese balls and the toffee crack.  I made 3 cheese balls because I love them.  And because I never make them except for special occasions.  I made this one, this one, and another one I can't find the recipe for.

Parker did not wear this Rapunzel dress to church.....but she did wear that head piece.  ;)

My dad....

Aunt Kasey and Grace

Kristin and Dad

We ate delicious filets.  Since Christmas....he has gotten a new grill....and is already planning to add lobster to the menu for next year.  I told him that I think he should practice sometime soon and we should come to test it all out.  ;)

Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil and Payton

Dad made a blackberry cobbler in a cast iron Dutch oven....then placed it in this and placed hot coals all around it.

This is what they do when they go to the deer lease.  They make lots of good food.

Seems like I got pictures of everyone but us. ;)

Aunt Kasey and Uncle Brian

Papaw & Gran

Uncle Brian

THE blackberry cobbler....

Payton got a trunk of dress up clothes from us.  The girls changed clothes I don't know how many times...

So this wraps up all of our posts on Christmas 2011.  Yay!!!  ;)


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