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Thursday, January 26, 2012

from our week- Phone Photos

Posting my phone photos a little early this week.....


I wrote about how Grace woke up Monday not feeling well.  It took her almost the whole week to recover.  By Wednedssay mid-afternoon she wasn't running fever, but sttill just took a few more days to get back to 100%.  She took a few loooong naps.  She's so sweet.....


I let Parker play in the shaving cream one afternoon....


I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this past weekend and Parker was so sweet and happy when she cam ein to wake me up on Monday afternoon.  She hugged on me....then got up and told me she would put toothpaste on my toothbrush for me.  So she did.  Not long after she came back into our room and told me that her thumb hurt.  I didn't exactly know why until I walked into the bathroom and saw this.  She had rolled up the toothpaste and worked so hard to get the toothpaste out that it hurt her finger!  I hugged her up and thanked her so much for helping me out.


One of our friends had a baby last week and I made a chicken pot pie to take over for dinner.  It's been a while since I've made one but it was easy and good.  I will share the recipe over the weekend.


We've gotten some good rain over the last few days here.  And while it's been sort of flooding....we are still in need of it since the drought over the summer and fall.

It was thundering and lightening SO much on Wednesday night and she was pretty frightened by it (maybe a little agged on by her sister who was also not liking the lightening that she said would 'kill her life'......I don't know who would tell her that?  {cough cough- Geoff- cough cough}..  Grace would run up to me and say, "Hold me, Momma."  And then she'd say, "I tared" {I scared.}.

She was sitting in my lap and would cover her face when she'd hear the thunder.


This happened on Wednesday night, as well., but I wasn't able to snap a  picture in time.  But we had just gotten home....and I brought the girls in.  Then went back out to get a few things from the car.  When I back came in....this is basically how the girls were standing.  Parker said, "Aawww, Mom.  She's scared and I'm making her feel better."   I went for my phone immediately, but it was too late and Grace wanted me to hold her.

I never told Geoff this happened, but it happened again the next morning and Geoff was able to capture it and sent it to me in a text..  I absolutely love it.  Love that Parker wanted to protect her little sister and that Grace went to her.  Just looking at their little arms wrapped around each other...I can't help but smile. 

Anyway....moving on....;)



Viv said...

Sweet, sweet sisters!

Holly said...

Cute! The shaving cream activity looks fun!


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