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Sunday, February 26, 2012

a 4 yr old and a round brush

These 2 things do not go together. ;)

The girls spent the night with my mom on Friday night.  I picked them up Saturday morning.....and right when I walked in the door....I hear Parker crying.

I initially think, "Great.  It's already started.  She's crying because she doesn't want to go home with me."


What had happened was.....about 20 minutes before I got there....she had picked up my mom's round brush....and somehow.....did this.......

I felt bad for her....but really I think I felt worse for my mom and Terry.  They felt bad it had happened....but really- totally not their fault!

I tried to get it untangled for a bit....but then text Geoff the above picture with a message of what happened.  I called to tell him that it was pretty bad....and I really thought we might have to cut it out.

We decided to head home....she rode home brush on head and all.  Surprisingly...she didn't cry on the way home, which I was so thankful for.

It took Geoff a good 15-20 minutes and he was able to get it out!  Thankfully!

I really do not know how she got it so tangled.

And it's out!  I laugh as I look at this next picture.  It's funny now...but there were times this morning when it wasn't so funny.  ;)

I wasn't in the living room when he finally got it out....I was in the office.  Next thing I know....she's crying running around the house trying to find me.  Kristin's following right behind her trying to get a picture of her 'hair'.

I was going to wash her hair but Geoff disagreed and thought we just needed to go ahead and get the tangles out then.....which is what we did and I think he was right.

So the before.....

Kristin tried for a bit then I ended up slowly working through them with a comb.

Before we left my mom's house, her and Parker discussed how they were going to throw that brush away.  This one's for you, Gramma!  (now that I think about it.....I hope you really did want to throw it away.  if not, we will get you a new one!)

She was bouncing off the walls after this.  Happy to be free from the round brush!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visiting Granny....

Kristin, Payton, the girls and I visited Granny this past Friday. It was a good visit like they all are.  And long overdue.  I really do enjoy our time with my granny.   Looking forward to more trips in the near future!

It's kind of funny to think back....but when we used to visit....we'd load up the car with a basket of toys....anything to keep them 'entertained' while there. And we've come to a new point where our girls are getting older and they have started to entertain themselves. Fun and sad all at the same time because they're just growing so fast. Between me and Kristin....we have no babies in diapers....which is something that we haven't had in over 4 years. Just a weird new normal. Not bad, just different.

Kristin posted lots more pictures than me....including some great ones of me attempting to kick balls for the girls to go fetch.  ;)  But I wanted to at least post these few that I did get for memory's sake.

Friday, February 24, 2012


From the week.....


I posted a little more in detail about our trip to the zoo...but here are a few of the pictures from my phone...

I was on time!  With two minutes to spare!!!  ;)  This never happens.

Before we left we rode the carousel.  The girls love this.  We save it til the end.....

Again...Payton would not look at me.....


After the zoo, we came home and Grace took a nap...then we headed to church.  I think I've mentioned it before....but we go to church Wednesday nights....we usually eat dinner....then we take Parker to choir around 5:45.  AWANA starts at 6:30....and I help with the 3rd-6th grade I keep Grace with me from 5:45 til AWANA starts at 6:30.  I really cherish this time because it's just me and her....which is rare.  We just walk around the church....really just doing nothing.  But I love that she's becoming more comfortable there.  And I love (and pray) that she will grow up just feeling so comfortable in our church.

Anyway- I snapped a few pictures from our time together........

Digging through my purse......


So we've been in gymnastics for a few weeks now.  We are making progress....but Grace still refuses to do front rolls.  She tells me and different she does not want to do them.  But as long as we continue to make progress in all other areas....then we'll keep her going....;)

**my mom made the girls these gymnastics shirts and they are so adorable!  they'll be added to the shop soon!**


Kristin texted me this pic the other day.  Grace took a nap in Payton's bed....and apparently those princess dolls weren't lined up that way when she put her down.  So at some point....Grace lined 'em up and went to sleep.  And love that bed head!  ;)


I also came home from work one morning and the girls were eating pizza for breakfast.  Nice.  ;)


life rearranged

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a day with my girlies...a day at the zoo

With this wonderful winter spring weather we have been having early this was a perfect day to visit the zoo. We got a family pass this year and haven't really used it's time now to get our money's worth before the hot, hot, hot days of summer arrive.

 I must warn...there are lots of pictures because I'm just in one of those moods to include them all. Even if it is the same picture over and over again.  ;)

The day started out good.  Grace slept in a bit...and Parker helped me make our picnic lunches.  It was so nice having all of this done before Grace was out to  'help', too.

I even made this for breakfast...

Arriving at the zoo......right on time!!   {Jodie- maybe one time I will be on-time when we get together!  ;) Actually- 2 minutes before opening.  This never ever happens so I had to take a picture.

Trying to get a picture of all the kids....  I always love these.

Megan offered to take a picture of the girls and I and I was so glad she did because I am so bad about it.  And of course....Parker was having nothing to do with it.  Grace wasn't too keep either.  But I told her to take them anyway because this is just how it is sometimes.  And when I was going through these pics, I had no idea she had taken so many...and again- I am so glad she did.  I love these.  Thanks Megan!

Megan and Hayden...

Shada and Addisyn....

Great picnic spot in the shade....the kids were able to run and run...

Payton will not look at me for anything!  I started just taking her picture more and more because it amused me that she would. not. look. at. me.

**my girls are looking more and more alike as the days go least i think so***

**and these cute minnie mouse tees will be available in the shop soon.  we are working on lots of new and super cute things!***

This pic makes me laugh out loud.  She would not look at me.  ;)

She will go down the slide this way by herself all day long....but when she sits up and goes down the normal way she wants me to hold her hand.  She's so sweet when she asks too.  And I love holding her sweet little hand.

We came home.  I laid Grace down for a nap.  Parker watched an episode of Dora and then we played on the trampoline together for a bit.  It was a good time.

We woke up Grace around 4:15ish....and took a looooong time to get ready and in the car for church (this is usual....we just can't seem to be 'on time' for Wednesday dinner).

And maybe this had something to do with it.  My mom made them these cute shirts and I just wanted to get some cute pictures of them in them.....these'll have to do!

(And yes- I am bribing them with m&ms at this point so they are 'tolerating' me.  hahaha)

**and I can see that I need to clean my walls, as well.  funny that i walk past this umpteen times a day and only notice this on pics.  and what is this, by the way???"***

I am just really loving these girls these days.  I guess all days I do....but man....I am just really soaking them up here lately.  Not missing a moment.  Or at least trying not to.  ;)


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