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Friday, February 17, 2012



I made a trip with my sister and the girls last week to Ikea.  I got a few things....but my main purpose was to look for a new stand/table/something to put under the tv area. We would like to eventually mount our tv to the wall....and then somehow fill the space all around that wall.  It's just a big empty space.  (I actually have a lot of empty spaces on my walls....but it's a work in progress I guess).  Anyway- these are some of the things I found that I might like for this 'project'....


In our Sunday school right now we are doing a study on the Song of Solomon.  It's great for singles and marrieds, and we have really enjoyed it.

It's by Tommy Nelson and is actually a video we watch a 20-25 minute video then lead into a class discussion.  Great information about dating, courting, and then being married.  If you're looking for something for your Sunday school class I recommend this!


My littlest gal helping me in the kitchen.....


One of Grace's new favorite lunch items.....


The girls and me before church this past Sunday...


life rearranged


Chance said...

I love Ikea! And I love your girls' valentines outfits! You are a very talented seamstress! That jacket you made for your photo shoot is amazing! I'll have to try a Heidi and Finn pattern!

Viv said...

wonderful pictures!


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