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Saturday, June 30, 2012

visiting granny

We made another visit to Granny yesterday.  As always- it was a good visit.  

We get there.  The girls entertain themselves somewhat.  We eat.  We eat a lot.
We talk.  And laugh.
And then.....before we leave....meltdown(s) occurs.   ;)

Granny really outdid herself!  We had blackened peas, bacon, sauteed squash, corn on the cob, and cornbread.  All of it was SO good.  She also had brownies and cookies.  Yum!

Kristin brought some markers and coloring books.  She also brought some coffee filters and pipe cleaner and the girls made the cutest little flowers.  I wish I would have gotten pictures of the finished product because they were so cute, but I didn't.

And we totally made the mistake we usually make and didn't take a picture of all the girls with Granny until the end.  And so, of course, it didn't happen. 

 Grace was in meltdown mode, clinging to my hip.  Oh well.  Next time.  ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

mish mash

Just a few things that don't really fit into any specific post...

Geoff sent me this picture the other night while I was working.  He said Parker had drawn it and wanted him to send it to me that night.  Our family.  I love it and so sweet.

 At work- we do this thing called primary nursing.  After being out of residency for a year...we can do what we call 'pick up a baby'....and become their primary nurse.  So pretty much- I take care of this same little baby (and whoever she's paired with) each time I work.  I love this.  This has completely made my job satisfaction go way up.  I've learned so much and I love that I've been able to build rapport with the family.

So for the 4th of July holiday approaching....I made her this dress the other day.  You can't really tell how small it is....but It's an 18-inch doll dress that I made from a tutorial that I found from Me Sew Crazy.  Very easy and so cute.  It's not something the baby will wear for long...just long enough for some pictures.  But they can save it...and always have it...and she can even use it for a doll of hers one day.  Now that'd be a good side by side picture!  One of her in the dress...and of her doll in the dress!  ;)

Parker and Payton had their last day of dance class this week until the fall.  Kristin took this picture of them before class started. (not sure what Parker is looking at...haha)

Our cucumber plants seem to be flourishing.  Since Geoff is the dedicated cucumber pickler (and I'm sure he'll love that reference).....he seems to be about done!   The other day Parker and I picked 24....and while we were counting them..she decided she wanted to put them in order from largest to smallest.  


  life rearranged

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a day in the life

Another great day with my girlies.  I've been thinking over the past few weeks that we have finally hit that point where things are (dare I say) easier.  READ:  I did not say easy.  But easier.  Hahaha!

Parker's almost 5 and she really is a huge help.  Grace is now 2, but thinks she is she does a lot.  Miss Independent could be her nickname these days.  But she climbs in the car and her carseat...I just have to buckle her in.  She's potty trained.  I rarely have to ask her if she needs to go, she tells me 99.4% of the time.  :)  She can communicate with many words.  And the girls will, at times.  play very well together.  At the pool- they can both be floating in floats...sit on the step and take turns....just a more controlled environment than when Grace was still a baby.  I couldn't really do anything with Parker because I had to stay right there with Grace....and now they seem closer to the same level...just not as big of a gap between them now that they both do more.

Now to keep it real....realize that there are still fits and tears from each daily (usually multiple times in a day).  And they take it seems like a lot more.  And my job description some days may be more like "referee" than nurturer or anything like that.

But still.  I've really been having so much fun with both of them.  Sometimes we're just having such a good time and they're just my little buddies, you know?

So this morning for breakfast I made waffles.  Parker was entertaining herself and Grace wanted me to hold her.  So she quickly became my helper.  

And I've been meaning to write this for some time....but everyday she either wears, a) her ballet tutu, or b) her leotard and tutu.  Most of the time I don't let her wear it out of the house....but I literally go into her room...get her out of her crib...change her pull-up....and her first request is to wear one of those 2 things.  She means business people.

We headed to the neighborhood pool soon after breakfast.  We went one day last week in the afternoon and it was way too hot.  The pool felt like a warm bath...not refreshing at all....and it kinda grossed me out.  Anyway- I decided that if we were to go to the pool at all....we'd go in the mornings- less people and less heat!
Grace is all about doing things herself....and you can kinda tell by the way she put her shoes on this morning.  So cute though!
The girls got some new Dora goggles and they are loving them.

We came home an hour later ready for a shower then lunch.

Geoff came home from work about that time and the girls were so excited to seem him.  They always are....but especially lately for some reason.  She ended up throwing a fit and did not want Geoff to go to sleep.  So I just told him to let her go with him and she'd probably go to sleep (she isn't a normal napper....not in almost 2 years....but it wasn't worth the argument today!).  So she went into the room with him and didn't come out for one and a half hours!  It gave me some quality time with Grace and I even took a 10 minute power nap myself.

Parker woke up about the time I got Grace down.  So we made a quick run to Sonic for happy hour.

We woke Grace up at about 3pm (if we let her sleep too long now she won't' go down for bed at night!).  I love Grace's hair after her nap.  She tends to get a little warm and so her hair just kinks up and in usually so curly.  We call it her 'crazy hair'.  When Grace sees other people with curly hair while out and about.....she'll say, "Momma- she has cwazy hair wike me!"  Ha!  It's just the cutest thing, I think.
And in that nightlight with her little feet poking out.....makes me melt.  Just want to bottle her up. She's growing up too fast.

After all naps were taken....we headed to the library.  I stopped in Pottery Barn Kids last week and saw some of the books they had on their shelf.  One of them being Fancy Nancy.  It looked like a book that Parker would like, but I didn't want to buy it there.  So we ended up checking one out at the library.  We read it tonight and I think she liked it.  They seem to be really cute books.

Both girls got to have some time on the computer and both of them loved it.

For dinner tonight I made this delicious Chicken Tamale Pie.  I really use pinterest quite a bit for finding recipes...and this is one of them.  Some are hit and some are miss, you know?   Well this was a hit!  It took about an hour to make...but most of that time was just the time in the oven.  As far as the ingredients and the work you actually have to's hardly a thing....just throwing some ingredients into a bowl and baking.  I had the kitchen all clean and picked up by the time it was ready.  So that was a definite plus.  It was really so good and flavorful, and Geoff agreed.  I used different cheeses than originally called for and adding cilantro would have been good, too.  But you get the point!  Try this.  ;)

After dinner we even spent about 30 minutes outside...picking cucumbers, swinging, and playing in the sand.  Even though we have such hot weather here right now (like I start sweating as soon as I walk outside! wasn't too bad tonight.  A warm breeze and some shade provided by the house helped tremendously.

Monday, June 25, 2012

it's been a good week

We've had a good week here.  We got back from vacation on Monday...took it pretty easy on Tuesday...and the rest of the week we've be going.  I've gone to bed at decent times....slept straight through the night...and up before the girls by an alarm {most mornings}...and having a quiet time.  It's been a good week.

I love that I have these times to rejuvenate.  To reflect.  To re-evaluate what we're doing in life....what I need to get rid of....what I need to tweak a bit...what I need to add...and what can stay the same.

I started to beat myself up a bit the other day because the girls and I were having a really good day.  The girls weren't perfect (and neither was I)....but I found my patience....and I was able to be the parent that I want to be.  And, in turn, my kids became the kids I wanted them to be.  :)

So onto the beating up part....I was kicking myself for not acting this way all the time.  And sure- we all make mistakes.  I'll continue to make mistakes....more often than not, I'm sure.  But upset that in the middle of my work weeks and flipping my days and nights....that I didn't make more of an effort with the girls and what we do. And yada, yada, yada.

And then I decided to give myself a break.

I might not get up and go and do and plan and cook as much as I would like while I'm working....but a lot of that time I'm surviving.  And that's ok, too.

Moral of the story:  Yes- I have my lazy days.  Days where I could do more and simply choose not to.  But all in all- I do the best that I can.  We all do the best that we can.  And at the end of the day- I'm pretty sure my kids are doing all right.  And probably won't even remember these days (except for Parker....rare a thing that she forgets..haha).

This post took a different direction than I had intended.  And I hope it's not depressing to read- because, honestly, I'm in a really good place right now.  God has answered our prayers time and time again.  I feel that He has lead us to this place and He just wants me to continue to lean on my cares on Him.  And when I really and truly do is so freeing.  I could plan and plan my life...and it would never be as good as the one that God has planned for me.  His plan has always been and will always be...better than I could have imagined.  And to know breathe this.  Well- it's just the best thing.


On a much much lighter note....our week-

Monday- we got home from vacation and just had a lazy afternoon.  

Tuesday we went to our neighborhood pool.
Had lunch.
Grace and I napped while Geoff and Parker went to the store.
The girls painted bird houses for She (the dove that frequents our backyard).

{love Geoff's face looking at Grace}

Dinner: I made lasagna.  Parker had dance class.

Wednesday- we went to the neighborhood pool for the morning {no pictures}.
Quite time/nap time.  Played at home.
Tacos for dinner.  

Thursday- The girls and I headed to Stonebriar Mall and then to Ikea.  At the mall we had lunch, visited the Disney Store and Pottery Barn Kids (Parker thoroughly enjoyed playing with a miniature baby pink rotary phone).  And we left with only 2 pairs of clearance flip flops for the girls.  Successful trip!

At about 1pm- we headed to Ikea.  There were just a few things that I wanted to look at.  I knew that I was a glutton for punishment visiting this store during Grace's nap time...but we had driven all of the way (money on gas and tolls) I wanted to at least attempt the trip.

And suffice it to say- they were both really good.  A few meltdowns, 3 bags of Lay's potato chips, and a half-eaten bag of organic gummies....we survived the 2 hour Ikea trip with no casualties.  :)  I just took my time.  And went the flow.  And so did they.  Got a few things, but mostly took pictures to think about things that I might want to purchase in the future.

**not really enjoying them getting under the covers and after this picture, they didn't!!!

Friday- A trip to the movies.  I took the girls to see Madagascar 3.  Parker has seen the first one (maybe the second) and this was Grace's first time in the theatre.  We got there a little early, but not too early...otherwise Grace would have been done with the movies before the movie started!  But alas- there was a daycare there and so my  plan to sit in the back was ruined.  So we sat in the 3rd or 4th row.  Not my first choice, but it ended up being ok.  Grace got a little ancy about 2/3 of the way through, and settled down a bit during the climax and ending.  So for a 2 year old- I'd say that she did really well.  Couldn't complain too much.  ;)

Saturday- The girls and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby then headed to Wal-Mart for a little grocery shipping.  Then came home for a picnic lunch on the living room floor and a new {to us} Barbie movie.

And finished off the night with the girls sleeping over at my mom and Terry's house and a date night for Geoff and me.

It's been a really good week.  Just soaking it all in.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Final days of family vacation...

Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  Everyone was pretty worn out, I think.

The guys (except Brian) played another round of golf early that morning.
And we all just did what we did best....ate and swam.

Mom and Granny made breakfast burritos...

We're taking a break from gymnastics this summer with our crazy schedules.  I'm not sure if we'll go back in the fall because both girls will be in dance.  We'll see.  Anyway- since Grace started gymnastics back in January...she would never do a front roll.  Her teacher never really mad ever either.  On the mornings of gym she'd say to me while shaking her head with a serious face, "Me not do uh fwont woh."  I'd say in the 4 months while in class- she maybe did a front roll 3 times?  Well on her last class in the last week of May- she let us help her do the front roll on the cheese mat.

And sometime over the past week her so....has become a pro.  

She also likes to show us how she does "bou-way"

Sunday night was Geoff's night to grill steak and chicken.  Aunt Pauline offered to shuck the corn while we were swimming...

Granny doing her exercises

The guys upon returning from golf and eating lunch....

I think this pic is from the guys' first day golfing....


Aunt Aubrey is the best.  The girls just love her.  And it's not hard to see why.  She is just so kind and patient with them.  Knows exactly what to say- and so anytime they were in fit mode....she could usually get them out of that mood really quick.  Thanks, Aunt Aubrey, for loving on our girls.  And for their special goodie bag that they still carry around and use everyday!

We had to call it quits a little early that day for some rain clouds that rolled in.  Which was fine by me.  I was kind of done being in the water and in the sun.

So we came in and played games.  The girls played with play dough for a little while....

Geoff and Phil had to leave on Sunday night to be back for work on Monday morning.  So we attempted an all family picture.

And we also had the trophy presentation.  :)

So every year on vacation the guys (and possibly some women in the future) get to play golf at least one day.  It is now a "Family Vacation Tournament" and there is a trophy that the winner gets to take home and keep for the year until the next year.  Phil was the big winner this year.  Congrats Phil!

About as good as our family pics get these days....

Beautiful sunset after the rain...

And this concludes the vacation pictures!  :)  Whew!

So thankful for these vacations each year.  Love my family!


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