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Monday, June 4, 2012

picking berries...

 Well today was our family fun-day Monday.  It was a full day.  And it was a good day.

 The morning started off with waffles made by me and my little helper.  Parker slept in til 8:15 so it was just me and her.

After a quick breakfast...we made our way to our destination....Ham Orchards.  It only took us 30 minutes to get there.  We had a wonderful time and plan to visit again.  Geoff wants to go back for their peaches before the summer is over....but I definitely want to go back next May to get the berries at the very first of the picking season.

We arrived and went in the little store for our picking buckets...

There were still quite a few blackberries that were left that had not yet the 'picking season' will be here for just another week or 2.

The girls did so good....

Eventhough the berries were slightly picked over....we still brought home more than enough.  It costs $15 for an entire galleon....and we were just under half a gallon and it was $6.  Great price for blackberries!

After our picking....Grace and I went to get our picnic lunch out of the car....

After our lunch- we got a strawberry and a peach frozen yogurt and shared amongst the 4 of us.  {No pictures.}

When we were done...Geoff wanted to drive by the orchard.....

Lots of peaches....

Different kinds of peaches....

On our way home....we stopped by the dance studio.  Parker is going to have her very first class tomorrow.  So we had to get prepared and get her tap and ballet shoes.  She is so very very excited about this.  It is a little hard for her to understand that she cannot just wear her dance shoes all around the house, but hopefully the newness of this will wear off because she is wearing me out!  ;)

Pretty good on her toes!

We got home and washed our berries.....

We got a few peaches in their little store.  They are the sweetest peaches I've ever eaten.  Seriously.

Grace loves them!  Parker will not try them.

Grace took a nap.  Naptime-time flies.  I think all I did was clean the kitchen and Geoff ran to the grocery store.

When Geoff got home from the store...he took on kid duty so I could attack our bathroom.  I literally spent about 45 minutes scrubbing our shower.  It had gotten so bad {embarrassingly enough- yet I publish it right here on the world wide web} and I just could not stand it anymore.  I had thought about taking before and after pictures, but I didn't want that photographic evidence of how much we had let it go.

Good news.  Master bathroom is clean.

Geoff got dinner started shortly after.  He was going to grill some chicken and corn,  and we were going to steam some fresh green beans (all veggies courtesy of our co-op).  But I wanted to add in at least one carb.  ;)  I had forgotten to make bread in our bread maker....and at the last minute...I thought to bring out the trusty ole Bisquick.  I guess it is called 'bisquick' for a reason.

Within about 15 minutes we had hot biscuits!  I just did the drop biscuits because they required no kneading, no spreading, and no cutting.  And they were a hit.  Painted on some melted butter, too.  Will definitely be my go-to bread/biscuit recipe in the future.

Our bedtime routine is ever changing.  As is our entire life, I suppose.  But over the last few weeks (maybe even months) has gone from us all reading books now....where I will read 2 books of Grace's choice (that Parker really has no interest in since she is older)....and Parker will take it upon herself to just sit quietly at her table to color.  After I put Grace down- I'll come back in and read books of Parker's choice.

Tonight- Geoff read to Grace (Goodnight Moon is her current favorite) and Parker asked me to sit with her and color.  I gladly did so.

And I loved how as I was sitting quietly with Parker....she would intermittently tune in and finish the words on the page right along with Geoff's words as if she was sitting right there with them.

After Grace's books are read...we head to her room where I rock her for a little bit.  Not all the way to sleep- but just hold her.  I started this habit just a few months back.  I had never rocked Grace to sleep.  I sort of had to sleep train her early since Geoff was not home a lot of the nights and I also had Parker to put to sleep.  But a few months back- I just started really sort of clinging to her being my baby.  And I just needed those extra minutes in the day of just holding her little body.  Some nights I ask myself why I ever started this.  I had it so nice just laying her right in her bed.  But like all things- time will pass and our routines will evolve.  For now- I'll just rock my baby for a little bit longer.

When I went back into Parker's room to finish tucking her in...they were coloring together.  So sweet just having a conversation.  They read a story out of one of her storybook bibles and then she chose to color instead of read other books.

The day did not end there.  I ended up making some of these grilled burritos to have ready for lunch.  I figured it would be one less thing I'd have to do tomorrow and would leave me more time with the girls.  I really need to prepare like this more often!

It really was a good day.  And we are all worn out!  Will be turning in shortly!


Megan said...

What a great family day!!

Viv said...

What a wonderful day! The peaches and berries were so colorful in your pics. Love to see these memories you are making!(looking forward to Parker's dance lesson pics/stories, cannot wait)

Kristin said...

Looks like such a fun day!! Glad yall got some family time in!!


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