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Monday, September 27, 2010

absolutely loving this weather!

It has been so nice here the past few days. Well....I guess just yesterday and today. But nevertheless.....I am loving it!!!

Yesterday afternoon....I took the girls outside and laid out our "pic-nit" blanket (as Parker says)....and just had a great ole time playing outside. It's amazing how toys that Grace is tired of playing with inside of the house....suddenly become 'new' and so much fun outside of the house.

And I just can't help myself. Something about her fluffy feet. And they seriously look the same as they did in the pictures I took of her the first time I painted her toes. (a year and a half ago) haha

Then tonight....after dinner....we went outside to play again.....and this time....I decided to take the girls on a wagon ride. It was Grace's first! And seemed to be excited. And almost gave out the vibe that she knew exactly what was going she'd been there and done that.

And I got tickled because she was just so darn cute sitting there....clenching onto the sides of the wagon....just soaking it all in.


Lovey update: Thank you to the sweet comments yesterday on losing Lovey. They really meant a lot! Things are still going well. It's like- she seems to understand what's going on now. This morning....her friend was here when she woke up....and she walked straight to her and sat down in front of her on the floor and started telling her how she lost her Lovey at the "rest-rock" {restaurant} and how she was going to get cleaned and then come back by the mailman. And "Grace's Lovey" has been filling in the spot when she needs when playing and going to bed. So I am feeling a lot better about this now!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

R.I.P Lovey

Yes. You read it right.

Lovey is gone.

And if you know us well....or have even been reading this blog for a know how much Parker loves her Lovey.

Or....if your kid has a "lovey"....imagine what it would be like if they lost theirs.

I think I first posted about Lovey in October 2 years ago.

A quick rundown of that post: I had just washed Lovey.....Parker dropped her in the dogs' bowl.....I immediately put her in the wash....Parker screamed and cried.....when it was time to get Lovey out of the drier....I let her get Lovey out by herself and she was so proud and so happy. The pictures I took really captured her emotions.


So Friday night, Parker had spent the night with my mom and Terry. They were going to go with my sister and Payton to the State Fair on Saturday morning and then, since Grace wasn't feeling well.....she was going to go with my sister to Jackson's birthday party.

It ended up they decided not to go to the fair, after all. So basically- they went to eat before taking her to my sister's....she had Lovey the whole time.....she'd drop her on the floor....sit her on the table, etc.

Then she and my mom went outside on the porch to wait for Poppa. She had it then.

But then it was time to leave....and she was SO enthralled with holding the umbrella....that somewhere in the midst of all of her persistence---Lovey was lost.

They didn't realize it until they got to my sister's house and Kristin asked where Lovey was.

And that's when the hunt began. Terry (Poppa) went back up to the restaurant.....looked all around.....went inside to ask if anyone had seen it. By this time it had probably only been about 10 minutes since they had left.....and it was nowhere. Vanished.

And I'm just being honest.....but Lovey has seen (and smelled) better days.....and if I saw an nasty old raggedy doll laying on the wet ground....I would not have picked it up to put in the trash......or even touch it. I would have just left it there. You know?

So my mom calls me to tell me the news. (All the while- Parker is with my sister...on her way to the birthday party.....and the fact that Lovey is gone has not set in yet.

Mind you.....we 'lose' Lovey everyday at our house. Every. Day. She leaves her somewhere, under something, in something....and sometimes it takes us quite a while to find her. Can be very frustrating at times.

Anyway- my mom tells me, "We lost Lovey."

I'm like, "NO!"

She says, "Yes." And then tells me the story I just told you.

And I'll tell you......I have been trying to come up with the words that I felt for the first few hours after know she was gone and I really can't.

I was very upset (not with my mom, for sure).....but more, I guess....sad for Parker.....because she loves that thing. And I know my mom feels bad...and I wish she wouldn't.....but really......this was just something that was bound to happen and it could have been with any one of us. Like I said....we 'lost' her every day.

So we immediately start searching the Internet, eBay....just trying to find another one just like her.

The deal is....we had no idea what brand of doll she was or where she was purchased. It was a gift that was given at one of her showers.....and I honestly cannot remember who gave it to me. And truth be told.....when she was 9 months old I was cleaning out her room....and she already had an arsenal of stuffed animals....only- we had no room for them and she never played with them.

So I had decided to get rid of a few of them, including Lovey (her name wasn't Lovey then), only....that day- she took a liking to her. So I thought to myself, "I'll just let her play with it today....tomorrow she will probably have nothing to do with it like she does with all of her toys as she tires of them, and then I will just get rid of it then." And they have been together ever since. I always say that "I was a day away of throwing her away." So that kind of makes the story a little neat.

Moving on....

We couldn't find the same doll. I sent Geoff up to the restaurant to look just one more time. No luck.

I just had the sunken feeling and was so sad for Parker. And I felt ridiculous at the same time. Here I am....mourning this doll....when others in the world had real problems!!!

I even started flashing back in my head to memories of Parker with Lovey and how happy she made her. (I know- a little {ok- a lot} on the pathetic side).

But the conclusion I came to...with the help of Geoff....was wasn't so much that I was sad that Lovey was gone, per se.....but that I just didn't want Parker to hurt.


Good news. Geoff continued searching online and we found a new Lovey! She will be shipped tomorrow and will receive her in 2-4 days. We have found several more and may order another one for back-up, but I want to wait to see how she reacts.

This will be her new Lovey....

And this is a picture of her taken a few months back..

She had a few meltdowns last night....and I laid in bed with her for about 30 minutes until she fell asleep. It was like her brain couldn't stop running...trying to process that Lovey was gone....but that she was coming back?

As of today.....she is doing so much better. She'll ask about her....where she is...and when she'll be back. We told her that she went to get cleaned since she dropped her at the restaurant. I gave her Grace's Lovey (it's not really Grace's...she hasn't picked hers yet, but it was a doll that was given to us at a shower for Grace) to sleep with because I figured she needed something to hold...or at least...I'm that way. I sleep with a body pillow and if I don't have it....I just don't sleep as well.

But here are some things that she has said yesterday and today that I just want to remember.....

After telling her that she is getting clean...she says, "but i don't want her clean." Or, "i don't want her like that."

"Mommy, do you know where my lovey is?"

"but I
love lovey!"

"I want to hold my Lovey!"

"We have to go night-night 2 more times (holding her 2 fingers up and pointing at them with the other hand) and then I get to see my Lovey."

And yesterday evening when she came home....she started looking in her overnight bag for lovey.....looked in the dryer for lovey....

And would say, "is she at my house?"


A part of me wonders if she'll have forgotten about her....or at least....lost interest in her by the time we get the new one here. For some reason.....I hope she loves her just the same.


And now....for a look back.... :) It's actually kind of hard to find a picture without Lovey in it somewhere. She was always around!


Two years ago....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The quilt is finished!!

Back in June I wrote this blog about how I was almost finished with Parker's quilt top. All I had left to finish was to add a border to 2 sides (I had to order more fabric because I ran out).

And I also made this quilt for Lovey...(that is still not finished)

So I ordered that fabric.....and here it is...3 (almost 4) months later.....and I finally finished the quilt top. Now it just needed to be quilted!

I had been looking around to pay someone to actually do the quilting....I got the the names of some people....but for some reason (possibly laziness??)...I never called.

The first quilt top I ever made was Grace's quilt...and I still plan on quilting that one myself....but it is smaller than Parker's....and I knew that I needed help (or just someone to do it for me!!)

Ok- to make a short story...that I am making long... a little shorter (got that?) great Aunt Pauline HAND quilted this for me!!!! I am so thankful and love that Parker will have this. (Parker already loves it.)

She took it home with her and set it up on her large frames. I did go over there one day to see it.....and I wished so badly that I had not forgotten my camera. I had no idea the way you go about hand quilting.

It is amazing-- to me, at least. I do not think that I would have the patience, let alone the skill, to ever complete a task like this!

And it really worked out.....because- bless her heart- she was so patient and kind to still quilt this even though my seams were all off....and who knows what else. I do know that when you fold's not a perfect rectangle (hehe)....compliments of my handiwork. :) But I say- that just adds character!

So here it is (there are a few blue marks you may see- it's water soluble marker and is now washed off, but I took these pictures before I washed it). I love it!!!

Every last stitch by hand!!

I just threw this one in the mix because I thought it funny ( because it's all you can do) that she cried so hard when I put her down to take these pictures. My kids are so mistreated. :)

This is the back of the quilt.....

When I told her we were going to Aunt Pauline's this afternoon to pick up the quilt....the first thing she asked was, "Can I walk all on it?"

I replied, "Yes."

To which she asked, "And it doesn't have pins in it?"

I had to laugh because every time I would lay the quilt out to work on was like a magnet. She had to be on it. And I would always remind her to be careful because of the pins.

She really wanted that quilt to stay up on the couch and she got very frustrated that it kept falling down! :)

Here she is enjoying her new quilt while watching Sleeping Beauty (with her princess shoes on, nonetheless).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grace @ 8 months

Another month has come and gone! My baby is now 8 months old. Closer to being a 1 year old than a newborn. Doing new things each day. And that little personality is starting to creep out!

Over the past month....

-She has gotten so close to actually crawling. Although I would not say that she is officially crawling.....she is definitely mobile by scooting and pulling on her belly to get where she wants to.....which are usually things that she does not need!! Keeping the little 'choking hazards' out of her reach with a 3 year old has become a new challenge in our house! :)

-She got her 3rd and 4th teeth in this month. I noticed the 3rd one on August had just broken through the gums. And I noticed the 4th on September 9th. They are the teeth to the right and left of where her two top middle teeth should go. She hasn't gotten the top middle teeth yet....isn't that weird?

-She loves to eat!! :) (and she comes by it honest, I might add!) She still nurses 4 times a day...around 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. She eats her food after her feeding at 7am and 11am...then eats her dinner around 5pm. She eats pretty much anything I give her. Her favorite is her oatmeal mixed with fruit and breastmilk- which she eats for dinner each night along with a vegetable.

-She goes to bed around 7pm...wakes around 7am....and goes down for naps at 9am and 1pm. Nap length varies from 45 minutes to almost 2 hours. And she still sleeps on her belly.

-She is wearing 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

-If you take something away from her that she shouldn't have (which, unfortunately seems to happen a lot)....she will scowl and make a sort of grunting sound.

-She ate 'puffs' and biter biscuits for the first time this month (8-28-10). She did pretty well picking the puffs up...but didn't know what to think about them at first. She still kind of makes faces when she puts them in her mouth. But really- we don't give them to her very often.


And she just looked so proud of herself because she was able to hold something and eat. I think she still has food envy, even though she has food of her own!

-And last, but not least....her growth chair pics!


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