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Monday, September 27, 2010

absolutely loving this weather!

It has been so nice here the past few days. Well....I guess just yesterday and today. But nevertheless.....I am loving it!!!

Yesterday afternoon....I took the girls outside and laid out our "pic-nit" blanket (as Parker says)....and just had a great ole time playing outside. It's amazing how toys that Grace is tired of playing with inside of the house....suddenly become 'new' and so much fun outside of the house.

And I just can't help myself. Something about her fluffy feet. And they seriously look the same as they did in the pictures I took of her the first time I painted her toes. (a year and a half ago) haha

Then tonight....after dinner....we went outside to play again.....and this time....I decided to take the girls on a wagon ride. It was Grace's first! And seemed to be excited. And almost gave out the vibe that she knew exactly what was going she'd been there and done that.

And I got tickled because she was just so darn cute sitting there....clenching onto the sides of the wagon....just soaking it all in.


Lovey update: Thank you to the sweet comments yesterday on losing Lovey. They really meant a lot! Things are still going well. It's like- she seems to understand what's going on now. This morning....her friend was here when she woke up....and she walked straight to her and sat down in front of her on the floor and started telling her how she lost her Lovey at the "rest-rock" {restaurant} and how she was going to get cleaned and then come back by the mailman. And "Grace's Lovey" has been filling in the spot when she needs when playing and going to bed. So I am feeling a lot better about this now!


Jill said...

These are wonderful pictures!
Have a great day!

Kristin said...

I love the pictures of the girls!! Can't wait to meet the new lovey!

Viv said...

Beautiful sweet baby girls!


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