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Saturday, August 24, 2013

good saturday

Today was a pretty good day.  It was my first Saturday off in 6 weeks (which I didn't even realize until later in the day).  I initially woke up in not the best of moods.  It was for no reason other than just being tired.  But I had prayed and was determined to make it a great day.  And a great day it was.

I hopped in the shower and got dressed to start.  A lot of the time- I will lounge around in yoga pants and a t-shirt, but just putting a little (and I DO mean LITTLE) effort, it helps.

We had a slow and lazy morning.  Geoff had made breakfast for the girls before I got out of bed so that definitely helped, too!  :)

Watching the new My Little Pony movie...

Loving on baby brother...

Today is my mom's birthday and we had not seen them in over a week because they were gone on vacation.  So we decided to surprise her this evening with a few goodies.  First up- the cake...and 2 good helpers!

Grace wanted purple and Parker wanted blue (it was a yellow cake mix so the blue coloring gel we added made it look more greenish).

We also picked up some flowers.  Parker chose stargazer lilies and Grace chose carnations, but they wanted to put them in the vase themselves.

Sweet boy was ready to help ice the cake after it cooled....

I let the girls add the sprinkles...

And they requested the picture of a silly face.

Geoff picked ups these Dr. Pepper's from Costco and the girls wanted to give a couple to my mom. They decorated these strips to tape around them.

Geoff was home by the afternoon and we were pretty slow going for a couple more hours.  

I laid Nolan down for a late afternoon nap around 3:45....and Geoff gave the girls a bath so I could get a few things done in the office.  It's progress....

Then....we were brave and took all 3 with us out to eat for the first time since Nolan's sleepy newborn days.  We ordered right when we got there and were probably in and out within 45 minutes (maybe less, ha!)....but all the kids were behaved and we had no mess to clean up at our home!  :)  Nolan stayed in his car seat the whole time just looking around, playing with his dangling toy, and playing with his hands.

 We came home and Geoff settled in with Nolan to watch his first Dallas Cowboy's game.  Geoff says he already seems interested.  :)

We left the boys at home and went to surprise my mom with her goodies.

It was a full day.  Looking forward to another family day and then home to CLEAN!  Sounds fun, huh?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Just a few pictures this week.  I just haven't been much in the picture taking mood lately.  Our days have been full and good...I've just been trying to clean up and clean out our house a bit before the school year starts. I've pretty much been trying to organize my office/sewing room since we moved in 4 years ago...and I have never been successful.  Now- we are making it our office/sewing room/school room....and I am determined to at least get this room functional!  

My friend, Amy, whom I've known for over 20 years....had her first baby, Gibson, in June.  Nolan and Gibson are almost exactly 6 weeks apart.  And we finally got them together for their first 'play date' last week.  I see best friends in the making!  (Especially since Nolan will be the only boy out of the cousins in our family that live in this area.  He'll be surrounded by 4 girls!)

 Sweet boy helping his momma with the laundry.

Geoff took the kids for a walk on Sunday while I was at work and he sent me this picture.  Pushing their own babies.  ;)

And lastly- I haven't quite given up on baby wearing just yet.  After watching a couple of videos on 'how to''s getting a little easier and I feel like I'm making it a more comfortable fit for both of us.  It just allows me to get a little bit done having free hands.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

heads up!

So... I haven't been the best about making Nolan do his tummy time.  I was actually never good about making the girls do it either.  They always seemed to dislike it...and if they got really worked almost became not worth it to me because of the energy and time it would then take for  me to calm them down.  {Slacker!}

But after my first....when I was so worried about how much time she did this or that...she eventually learned how to roll over.  How to crawl.  How to walk.  And although I have those dates written down somewhere....I don't know off the top of my head.  All of this to say....she turned out fine.  And so did Grace.  And hopefully so will Nolan.  Haha!

Nolan was no different.  He wasn't really a fan of tummy time.  And I honestly forgot about it a lot of the wasn't on purpose, I just didn't remember. 

But alas....head held up high....on August 9th...he rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time.

I missed the action shot, but you get the idea.

I rolled him back over.

It's a little bit of a struggle here.

So sad!!! (but I did laugh)

Honestly....when he looked at me right here....I wasn't sure if he was angry that he couldn't roll over or that he couldn't get to me?  He looked like he was really trying to scootch forward, but to no avail.  Poor guy.

And on that note...I did put the camera down and snuggled my sweet babe.  :)


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