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Thursday, August 15, 2013


We've been busy busy busy over the past week.  The days fly.  But it's been pretty good.

So last Thursday I loaded up the kids and headed to Waco to visit my friend, Jamie, and her family.  I could not have asked for better behaved kids on the way down!  The girls colored and watched movies, and Nolan slept the entire time.  It was SO nice.  The ride home....the girls were still pretty good, but Nolan cried for the first 30 minutes (that's a pretty loooong time, folks!) and then finally went to sleep.  Parker stayed up the entire trip and Grace held out for a little over and hour.  It was a good visit though.

Our kids.  All half-dozen of them.  haha  :)

After a day Thursday....we took it easy Friday and had a lazy lazy morning laying around in our jammies.

 During lunch, Parker was 'tinkering' as she said, 'like Tinker Bell', and went to the pantry and got this straw...and put it in the straw on her cup and began drinking.  Her mind never stops.

 And for dinner....PW's French Bread pizzas.  So easy and they were so good.  The girls are actually eating pizza lately so we're eating it more frequently.  The pizza with the roma tomatoes on it was SO good.  Wish I would have made more of that one!

Nolan's growth chair pictures from Newborn- 3 months.

I came home from work one evening and Parker was working on this picture.  I'm trying to find the words to say, but really....the picture says it all.

Geoff sent me this picture while I was working.  Little guy just fell asleep under the play mat.

 And then he sent me this picture.  When I first went back to work 5 weeks ago, I handled it pretty well.  It wasn't too 'hard'.  But this past weekend.  SO hard.  I missed them like crazy.  And this picture did me in.  But good news....only 1 more week of full time work and then I will be part time.  So very excited about this for many reasons.  :)

 At one point while I was working last weekend I asked Geoff to send me a picture of everyone because I missed them so much....and this is what he sent me with the message "this is as good as I could get."  Hahaha!!  And I LOVE it!

 And then one day this week....Aunt Aubry and Uncle Greg were so great to take the girls for a day and spent the night with them, too!.  The girls had so much fun!  And I had fun spending some 1 on 1 time with baby boy.


Courtney said...

Ha! I LOVE the picture Geoff sent you of the 4 of them. So good.

Kristin said...

Great pictures! And I too loved the one of all of them and the title! HAHA


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