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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

He's here!

Nolan Whitt was born yesterday, April 29, 2013 @ 9:21am weighing in at a whopping 8lbs, 12 oz and 20.25 inches long.

After a rough delivery {that I plan to write out really soon so I don't forget!)....Nolan was born without any complications and I am recovering well.  Although things didn't go as I had hoped....the end result did turn out like I had hoped:  Everyone happy and healthy!  And so blessed.

The girls are in love with their baby brother.  They just want to touch him and love on him and hold him.  Parker was only 2 years old when Grace was seeing their excitement at ages 5 and's really the sweetest and neatest thing.

Our first photo as a family of 5!

My heart is full.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


My thoughts are racing.  I'm not really sure how to summarize how I feel and that's ok.  But it's somewhere between really excited to meet our son....worry for the girls and how they are going to react to this big life-changing event....nervous for the surgery....and praying for a healthy baby.  I'm not going to lament on all of those things right now because 1) I don't think I could articulate it, and 2) I'm exhausted.  ;)  

But here are a few random tidbits from our day.

This morning at church....Parker used these stickers to make this picture of our soon-to-be family of 5.  I absolutely love this.  So sweet and just perfect.

39 weeks.

this is my view looking down towards my feet....:)

After church- we headed to lunch at Outback with my mom and Terry, and Kristin, Phil, and Payton.  Today Payton turned 4!  Lots of April birthdays in our family.  Lunch was so good- the food and the company.

Once we were home...Geoff cleaned out the car and put the infant car seat in.  The girls were in a really good mood and were 'helping him', and I asked him if he minded if I laid down for about 30 minutes just to get a little bit of energy to finish up all we needed to do.  He didn't mind at all...and the 30 minutes turned into 1 hr.  I made myself get up because I still had quite a bit to do...but it did make me feel SO much better.

I've been packing the girls' bag since about mid-week.  I think I finally got everything.

 Stuff for Nolan.  :)

I want to eventually do a post on all of my handmade gifts because I feel like I was given so much and I love it all....but my mom just finished the boppy cover and gave it to me today.  And I love it!

We had a good rest of our evening at home.  Like I already mentioned- the girls were in a great mood today.  Parker is really SO excited about tomorrow (She's excited about Nolan and staying with Gramma and Poppa, but also that she gets to miss school!  haha).  So they played around together with minimal arguing (which is SO nice because they are just really at each other's throat these days!!) while we got some things done.

Grace said in such a serious-matter-of-fact way, "So...when we come home with baby Nolan....we're going to leave him in the car, right?"  Bless her heart.  So I sat her down with me and had a talk with her to try and explain what all was going to happen.  I think she 'know's' what's going to happen....but I think she has no idea.  :)  Much like all of us, I suppose.

And before bed...we set the camera up on the coffee table and set the timer and tried to get one last picture of our family of 4.

Grace was being so silly.  Right after the picture snapped...she said, "Oh man!  My eyes were closed."    It was so funny.  Little stinker closed her eyes on purpose!  She's such a character at times.

Love my family.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2 days away

Here we are today.... just 2 days before baby! (Now- really as I type this...we are only 1 full day away.  Eeeek!)  

Over the past day or so...I've really become sentimental about this being my last pregnancy.  A part of me really does feel like I'm 3 is enough.  Like I don't think I could handle more.  And then there's another part of me that doesn't really feel 'done' this part of my life...of having babies...will be over.  Geoff feels completely done....and is now ready to enter the new stages of our life...where things get 'easier'...where we just raise our kids and enjoy them.  So we'll see.  :)

Anyway- I wanted to take a few pictures of my belly one last time (although I'm sure I will take some tomorrow, too!).  With Grace...I took pictures of my bare belly almost every week...and with this one I have not a single one of my bare belly until today.  So I have a few.  ;)

I wanted to do it today just in case tomorrow morning before church we were in a frenzy or something (you know how Sunday mornings go).  Before Geoff could take one picture...Grace ran up and wanted to be in one with me.

Then one with both girls with none other than My Little Pony.

Me and Baby Nolan at 38 weeks + 6 days

When I first saw this picture I said, "My belly looks lop-sided in this picture."  Geoff replied, "It IS lop-sided."  Hahaha!  He was moving all around.  I've said several times it feels like he's trying to get out of my belly through my belly button because he just pushes so hard and my stomach muscles are non-existent I can feel him really well there.

 We got dressed and headed to Ikea for a 'really quick trip'.  Seriously- there were 3 things on our list.  And ended up being a 2 hour trip!  The girls did really well, but it's all a part of us getting our house in order and organized and I can't wait til we finally have a place for everything.  It'll take a few more weeks, obviously, but we're moving in the right direction. 

Per Parker's request...lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (which is at the mall that we were headed to next).  There were no complaints from Geoff or me.

I took this picture of them..

...and then Parker said, "No wait....take one like this!"  So sweet!!!

After a great lunch where I ate WAY more than I should've....we let the girls ride the carousel at the mall.

After the carousel- the girls were able to pick out a 'surprise' at The Disney Store.  Oh my goodness.  They took picking something out!  I guess they come by it honest, but geez!

We were all tired by this point and it was time to head home.  Parker played well with her new toy and Grace and I ended up taking a little cat-nap.  Sweet girl.

By the time we got was time for our Family Movie Night.  We've only done this once before, but I told the girls yesterday we were going to have another and Parker was SO excited.  When we got home...she locked herself in her room and left strict instructions for all of us to stay out.  So we did.

Right before we started the movie she asked, "Is it time to start Family Movie Night?"  We said yes and then she handed us each an envelop with our name on it and a note inside.  It was just the sweetest thing.  She told us we would have to help Grace read hers.  :)

We were going to make a pallet on the floor...but since we got a new bed at Ikea....we went ahead and moved our mattress into the living room since we would have to anyway for Geoff to put the bed together.  This was an EXTRA special treat!  And while we explained to them that this would not happen again...I told Geoff that movie night on our bed was the way to go.  I was comfortable the whole time.

We watched Up- a movie we haven't watched in at least over a year and that I don't think Grace has ever seen- because I didn't want to just watch a princess or Barbie movie that we always watch.  I wanted it to be 'new,' but then I couldn't think of one we haven't seen (although I'm sure there are a lot). I was worried that it wouldn't keep Grace's attention, but it did.  And let me tell you....they asked us 146 questions throughout the movie.  It was non-stop.  I told Geoff that you could definitely tell it had been a while since we last watched it because I don't remember her asking this many questions...back then she just watched and enjoyed.  They're really growing up!

During the movie the girls ate dinner and we enjoyed our cheesecake.  Parker asked if we could have movie night again tomorrow night.  And maybe we will.

Friday, April 26, 2013

soaking 'em up

I wanted to try and spend some good time just me and my girls before the baby gets here next week.  We tried to get out and do some 'fun' things yesterday and it just didn't quite work out.  The girls had woken up really early and were tired and grumpy...I was tired and grumpy...the stars just did not align.

But today they did!

Grace slept til 7:30!!  And Parker til 8:00!!  I was SO thankful!!

And because it was that kind of morning...I decided to treat us to donuts.  I asked the girls to run get their clothes on...and guess what?  They did.  Yes- no one asked why....or said that they wanted to wear their jammies...or that they needed help....or drag their feet.  They did what I asked.  The first time I asked.  And they even picked out something decent which was an added bonus.  :)

We came home...ate breakfast...then headed to Target in order for me to get a few more things I needed before Monday.  The girls knew that I had some things I needed to get and that if they behaved and did what I asked of them the first time I asked them...then they could get a little surprise.  This was not a free-for-all...they knew it couldn't be 'too expensive'...and knew that if they picked something out and I said no...they could not throw a fit.  And wouldn't you know fits were thrown!  It did take Parker close to 30 minutes to figure out what she wanted (I was feeling very generous).   Grace ended up with a mermaid barbie for the bath (that she picked out right off the bat and never changed her mind) and a small My Little Pony, and Parker ended up with this Tinkerbell doll (yes she already has one that is similar but not quite the same, and I put up quite a fight to get her to get something else...and then just caved....why fight it? ) and a small stuffed My Little Pony doll.  They were both so happy and proud of their choices.  When we were leaving I felt like I wanted to let everyone know that I had survived and hour and a half in Target alone with 2 small girls aged 5 and 3...and no one

We got home, had lunch...and the girls were settling into The Little Mermaid movie and I decided we would try to go and get a pedicure.  I knew I wanted one before Monday and just didn't know when I'd have the time otherwise.  We had attempted to get one yesterday but the girls were just so argumentative, hornery, and disobedient that we had to leave before getting anything done.  They had meltdowns and time-outs and spankings....and I think I may have gotten my point across (at least it appeared as though I did by their actions today).  :)   I had every intention of not letting them get one at all and I would go by myself...but like I already mentioned- if I didn't take them with me...the likelihood of me getting one at all was small.

So.....we went.  And they did SO good.  And I'm glad we had one together.  The last time Grace sat in the chair right beside me- so this time it was Parker's turn.  Grace was so cute and sweet sitting across the way from us getting her toes done.  It is a special treat to get 'their feet washed'.

Anyway- because the girls had been so good today...and I think I'm just feeling extra hormonal giving because these are our last days together for life as we know it....I asked Parker if she wanted her finger nails painted, too.  She asked if I was.  I told her that no I was not...that I don't usually like for my fingers to be painted, but that she should if she wanted.  And she said no- she did not want hers painted because I didn't.  She even has a little leftover polish on her nails and told me she wanted to get that off, too, so that her nails would be nice and clean like mine.  She'll never know how much that just makes my heart overflow to hear her and see her want to be like me.  So many times I think she doesn't 'like' me because I don't do this or don't do that or whatever it is that I'm telling/asking her to do that she is unhappy with.  But it's in these moments where she wants to wear a long dress (maxi dress) like me...or sandals like mine....or her nails unpainted like mine....that I just want to freeze time and not ever forget.  I can totally see myself reading this years from now....bawling my eyes out because she wants me to drop her off at her friends house a few houses down (that better not ever happen!!!).

I asked Grace if she wanted her nails painted and she was overjoyed.  And as much as I loved that Parker didn't want her nails painted...I loved that Grace did and was SO excited about it.

She just sits there so still and cute.  Uh- I just want to eat her up.  And is {mostly} patient while waiting for them to dry.

After nails...we came home and finished up The Little Mermaid.  Parker and Grace ran an errand with Geoff while I got my hair cut.  Then we met up for dinner....came home....and the girls put on a dancing show for us with Dancing with the Stars on in the background.

Geoff is now off of work, too, til baby is born and we are planning to soak up our girls and hopefully have some good, quality family time together this weekend.  Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend, too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Geoff and I were both off all last weekend...and so we had a good family day on Saturday.  
We took the girls ice skating...Parker has been wanting to do this for a while now.  She was SO excited to go.   And she picked up on the skating pretty well, I thought.  
Anyway- Geoff thought he was SO funny photo-bombing this photo.  Kids.

It was also a special treat for me to be able to go to church on Sunday since I usually work.  The girls got these new ponies and one side of the ponies' hair is twisted/braided....and the other side is curly.  So per Parker's request....she wanted me to curl her hair...and then make a small braid on the other side to be just like her pony.  I love this kid so much.

I do not like this picture of myself.  My face is squishy and puffy and my eyes are squinty,  (or really I think the 30lbs I've gained over the last 9 months is catching up with me!).  But anyway- I love that I have a picture with my on the blog it goes.  We ended up being pretty matchy-matchy!  Not something I planned, but kinda liked that we were.  :)

Monday was my last day of work until after maternity leave.  Grace still asks me every day (even though I've already told her that I will be off for "a lotta lotta days") if I am going to go to work the next day. But I do think I finally got the point across with her today when I told her that I couldn't go back to work right away because of Nolan....and then I overheard her telling Parker so matter-of-factly that "Momma can't go back to work ever since she will have Nolan."  So while it's not the whole picture that she's getting just yet....but it's a step in the right direction.  :)  I know I've just been working over 2 years...but it's like I can't imagine how my days are going to be not going to work.  (I mean I know it will be GREAT....but just hasn't sunk in.)

 In all 3 of my pregnancies- I have developed a sweet tooth.  I feel like I need to have dessert after every meal (even breakfast sometimes).  Thankfully this sweet tooth has dissipated shortly after having the babies...and I hope this time will be no different.  Anyway- this has been my go-to dessert almost every night after the kids go to bed for the past few weeks.  I made this bowl and so it's not as appetizing as what Geoff makes me when he's home.  
Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream covered in chopped up m&ms....and now he also adds extra creamy Reddi Whip.  Oh my goodness!  It is so good.

Oh my girlies.  Early birds.  I think they think they are going to miss something.  Both of them up this morning at 6:30....just ready to start the day.  Thankfully- they were in a loving and playful mood (for all of an hour today, but we'll take what we can get) and colored and watched cartoons while I was able to get their breakfast and get ready for the day.  
I really hope they sleep til at least 7:30 tomorrow.  Pretty please?


life rearranged

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

early labor??

If you had asked me last night (or very early this morning, rather) around 2am.....I would have said yes....I think I am in early labor.  Now?  Meh.

Around 9:30ish last night my lower back started hurting pretty good.  I thought maybe it was just the couch cushion (mine's getting pretty worn out and smooched in and probably needs to be switched out/rotated).  I was so uncomfortable I just felt like I had to get up and move around...sitting made it worse.

I ended up getting into bed around 10:30...lower back still hurting...some Braxton-Hicks...but nothing too significant because I'm pretty sure I fell asleep very soon after my head hit the pillow.

2am rolls around.  It's raining.  Or I think that's what that noise was.  I was a little confused because I didn't know it was supposed to rain.  No thunder.  But there was rain I'm pretty sure.  Anyway......

I get up and use the restroom.  Lay back down.  Lower back is hurting pretty good now.  I cannot get comfortable at all.  And I think I'm having some contractions, too.

I finally decide to just get up.  So I surf the internet and am experiencing quite a bit of pain, but not really able to time my contractions because they aren't very regular.  But even in the absence of the contractions......I feel the lower back pain and still a tightness and pressure in my abdomen.

Around 5am I am completely bored and uncomfortable and just ready to sleep.  Still debating if I should tell Geoff right then or just wait it out.  You see- although this is my 3rd pregnancy...I've never really actually gone into labor and not sure exactly what to expect or feel.  I decide to wait it out and lay down.

5:15 am rolls around and who should come out of their room, but Grace.  Oh sweet Grace.  I decided to rock her in the recliner in the living room for a bit thinking that this could possibly be the last night I'll rock her as my baby.  I thought she'd fall right to sleep.  She did not.  You see- I have no room on my lap and so neither one of us could really get comfortable.  At one point I must have been rubbing on her feet pretty good because she said out of the blue in a sweet whisper, "Momma....don't do that to my feet anymore."  I wasn't even aware of what I was doing because my thoughts were just racing.

I put her back in bed only for her to get back out of bed again.  This time I put her in bed with me and I think we both fell asleep around 6:00.  Parker was up at 7:30 and we scurried to be ready for school (we were on time!).  I pretty much took Parker to school wearing sweats and a tee and a sweater.  I looked really good.  :)

Anyway- the day went on.  Lower back pain still persists.  I'm having contractions, but still irregularly. I'm still pretty uncomfortable.  And I don't just mean "I'm uncomfortable because I-am-9-months-pregnant-uncomfortable."  I'm uncomfortable due to the lower back pain and the contractions.

I did call the doctor to see when he would want me to come in just so I'd know...and he said when they are 4-5 minutes apart lasting around 45 seconds.  Well- I'm not there yet.  I do have an appointment tomorrow that was already scheduled so it'll be good to just go in and see where we're at.

I don't think I've mentioned it on here....but I've said to several people that I wouldn't mind going into labor a little early on my own.  I'd still end up with the c-section...but to have that little element of surprise of not knowing the exact time and date would be kind of fun.  So I don't know if I was willing all of this to be labor or not.  But I did read my devotional this morning....and it was all about waiting on God's perfect timing.  In Exodus 12:41- it talks about how the Israelites waited 430 years to the DAY to be freed from Egypt.  How the people waited and waited.  And they were delivered all in His timing.  I had to kind of laugh when I opened up the email.  I acknowledged, "Ok, Lord...I'm waiting on You.  I hear you loud and clear!!"

You see- above all I've been praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery.  And then my selfish heart has still wanted to go into labor on my own even just a few days before the scheduled date just because.  But today I really have a peace about it all.  Still excited and anxious to meet our baby.  Wondering if this is a true labor pain or just a tease.  ;)   His timing is perfect and I'm just going to try to enjoy the ride.

mini bathroom makeover

We started making over the bathroom months ago....and I think I can finally say it is done.  It's actually the only room in the house right now that doesn't have something that still needs to be done.  :)

These pictures are really poor quality because there is no natural light and the lens I used, but you get the picture.

This is the kids' bathroom (also the bathroom that guests use since we do not have a half bath).  Just a regular ole bathroom with two sinks, toilet, and tub.  ;)



We {read: Geoff) painted the walls     by Behr (these pictures make it look a little green, but it's not at's more of a taupe color and I really, really like it).  I knew I wanted to add some 'color' because I have so much white in there and I just needed add a little something.  ;)  But I have trouble with committing to color.  I love other people's homes that have color on the walls...but for me- I'm so fickle and doubt myself and then drive my myself (read: my husband) crazy. 

Most of the bathroom was inspired by this bathroom.

So Geoff spray painted the molding a glossy black and glued to mirror to make the frame.
I think it adds so much.  Believe it or not...we framed our mirror in our first home waaay before Pinterest.  :)  Our first home was a foreclosure and basically we did a LOT of work to it.  Anyway- we had to take the bathroom mirror down and it accidentally cracked.  He came up with the idea to frame it and I always told him that it was a great mistake to make because it made such a difference in the bathroom!

I saw this sign on pinterest, as well, and knew it was what I wanted to go in their bathroom.

I purchased this white shower curtain soon after we moved in.  I did try to get a different shower curtain over the summer and it hung in there for a few months, but I just wasn't feeling it.  So I put the white curtain back up....which then motivated me to add the color to the walls because it was just too white!  :)

With baby #3 coming...I also knew I needed a better way to hang their towels to dry.  We had the original towel rack that is good for drying 1, maybe 2, towels at a time.  Not very functional.

So when I saw this a while back...I knew that's what I wanted to do.

My sister, Kristin, made these towels for the kids and my mom embroidered their names.  I love how all of this turned out.  And, of course, after Nolan is born...we'll take new pictures for those frames.  :)

I guess I would like to still change out the light fixtures....but this will do for now.


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