Sunday, April 7, 2013

Disney on Ice

This past mom treated me, Kristin, and the girls to Disney's Princesses on Ice.  We had a really good time.  And the girls looked just so cute.

 We let them pick out one item.  Parker and Payton got a horse....and Grace got a little Rapunzel figure.

We had great seats.  Front row!  We were able to see so much so well.  Maybe too well for this gal at times.  :)  She is still not a fan of seeing Mickey or Minnie or Goofy or Donald close up....and so she sat in my lap the whole first half and in my mom's lap the second half.  But it was just fine and no fits.  And she loved seeing the princesses.  ;)

This gal loved it all.

Kristin snapped this one of Payton...pretty girl.

It was a fun little girls afternoon.  Thankyou again, Mom!  We all had a wonderful time!  
Precious memories for our girls.

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Lisa said...

What a fun girls day!


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