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Friday, April 5, 2013


Just a few picture this week!


Last Saturday we colored Easter eggs.

 We finally started our countdown to baby boy's arrival! (I guess we count up, but it's easier for Parker and we still get the practice of counting how many are left and such.)  When I put this up...Geoff and I both agreed that it made it more that...every time we put up a countdown calendar time seems to go a little faster.  :)

 We had a little girls afternoon yesterday.  Parker needed a hair cut and she just so happened to want it short.  So she ended up with 3 inches off of her hair!  She loves it.  I do, too.  She just looks so grown up now!

She got a complimentary nail painting with her hair cut...and since Grace didn't need a haircut...I still let her get her nails painted.  She loves getting her nails painted.
And she just looked so darn cute sitting on that stool with her legs dangling.  She picked out a navy blue and a hot pink and the lady alternated the colors between fingers.  Love this little girl!! (even though, yes, she was up THREE times last night).

I was in desperate need of a pedicure- so after the hair cut...we headed to the nail salon  So what's a girl to do with her little girls while she's pampered?  They join in.  This is a very special treat (for all of us, I guess!).  A lot of time (not that we go very often) I will just let them paint their toes because it's way too expensive to get a pedicure each time (or I usually try to find a time to go without the girls, but it wasn't happening and with my due date nearing the corner, I thought I better go ahead and go!)  :)

Grace's pictures are on the left.  I just can't get over those sweet little feet and toes being painted.
Parker is on the right....she sat across the way from us and was such a good big girl.


That's it from our week.  We have a very full weekend and full week next week.
Happy Friday!



Angela King said...

looks like a great week! popping over from instafriday. your blog is cute! both my girls looked super grown up when we cut their hair. bittersweet.

Viv said...

Parker's hair is precious! Some of my fondest memories with the 3 granddaughters are getting nails/pedicures. Made me smile. Parker and Grace both are going to be amazing big sisters~


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