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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coloring our Easter Eggs 2013

I set aside our family afternoon to color Easter eggs.  And I'm not so sure why I did?  I mean- I knew I wanted to color eggs...but I'm not sure why I thought it would take us a while to do.  Because it does not.  We were done within 15 minutes! (probably less but I didn't set a timer!)  :)

Grace being silly for the obligatory 'before we start our fun' picture.

I gave up after this one.

And here's why it doesn't take us long to color eggs.........  We put them all in at one time!  ;)

{Geoff is giving Parker some sort of instruction here.}

(there faces were painted from a birthday party we attended earlier in the day)

An egg for Nolan...

How can you resist this face?  Grace is asking Geoff over and over if she can eat another egg...right now.  :)

We had a good time.  And already ate half a dozen hard boiled eggs in the process.  Parker added some stickers to her dozen later in the evening, but I didn't get any pictures.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter tomorrow....celebrating our RISEN Savior.



Grace (her first year to color eggs)

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