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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

As time passes, and Parker gets older....the holidays seem to get more fun...for us! :) She's starting to understand more things and able to do more activities....and I have really enjoyed this time with her.

So for Easter....we spent the week doing various Easter activities.

We decorated an Easter Bunny Hut on Friday.....I use the term "we" loosely because....well....this is what she mostly did....

As I was putting the yellow icing on the roof of the house...she kept saying, "I want to lick it!" Little did I know that she literally meant lick it! Haha!

I told her she could eat a jelly bean if she would put one on the house first. We repeated these steps several times....

And here we are trying to get her to smile and take a picture next to her Eater Bunny house....


Later that day, I made some egg-shaped sugar cookies. She didn't really participate in the making of them because I didn't want her to be too bored with the activity by the time it came to decorating. But even still...she wasn't too interested and really only decorated this one cookie....

Then Saturday, we colored Easter eggs. This was the activity that I was really excited about....just because I remember doing this as a kid and they were such good memories. Sitting outside if the weather was nice....and my mom would give each of us a dozen eggs (and there were 3 of us!!).

Parker was a little unsure at first. I showed her how to do it.

Then, I told her to put them into the color that she wanted....and then it didn't take long until she was very comfortable with coloring her eggs....

.....and she didn't really want much direction from me!

By the end...all of the eggs ended up in the red bowl! :)

Then we added some stickers....

And her favorite part.......CRACKING the eggs!! :)

We even got her to take a bite! Only one bite, though. She didn't really like it. ;)

Then Easter Sunday.

We got dressed up.....headed to church....then to my sister's for lunch!

Our girls.

After my sister's, we headed to my in-laws where Parker took part in her very first Easter egg hunt. This is another thing that I was very excited for her about because..... I also remember Easter egg hunts being so much fun for me when I was younger, too. It's like I had forgotten....because even as we grow...we still take part in Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, etc.....but for's really been almost 20 years since I've done these things like the egg hunt and coloring eggs, you know?? So it was fun for me to watch her do these things and love it, too.

The sad part is...we didn't take any pictures. But my mother-in-law did, and she was able to send them to us. So in the end...I did get pictures of her first Easter egg hunt!


Jodie said...

You guys you look great! I love their Easter dresses.

Viv said...

They are so beautiful! Loved all the pics!

Megan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megan said...

I don't blame her, I would want to lick the icing too! :-)

So much fun!

Milstead said...

You guys look great all dressed up! Love the dresses for the girls! What a pretty family. Love you all.


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