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Monday, April 26, 2010

Planting seeds.

I ventured to Target a few days ago and found these little 'grow kits' in the dollar bin. There was a sunflower one...

And a tomato one.

And did I mention that they were a dollar??

I realize that you can go out and buy your own soil and flower pot and seeds...but this was all together...everything you needed...for a dollar. Especially when it is something that you are planning to do with a 2 year know?

So today, we planted the sunflower seeds.

This is the little soil pellet/thingie.

She added 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water.

Then waited 5 minutes for it to do its thing. Pretty neat, huh? As I've said doesn't take a lot to amuse me.

While we were waiting the 5 minutes....I had her color a picture of a sunflower. (I got the template from here, but if you google 'sunflower template' or something along those lines...there are so many coloring templates that come up).

I had colored one yesterday when she wasn't around so that she would be able to see what a sunflower looked like. Because although I explain to her what we are doing (i.e. planting seeds and they will grow into a flower)...I can't help but think that she really has no concept of what I am talking about (or maybe she does, and I'm just guessing)...but that's the point of this activity....for her to see it.

Anyway- I wanted to color the picture the 'right' colors in an effort to help her understand that this was the flower that was going to grow from our seeds.

And it was hilarious to me when I sat the picture I had colored in front of her...along with the blank one...and she immediately went for the purple and blue! haha! Looking back now...this doesn't surprise me in the least....but it's just neat to see how they think. Or how so many things we know....we think that our kids should 'automatically' know. Anyway...

So when the 5 minutes was up...she stirred the dirt around...

Then placed it in the small pot...

The kit comes with quite a few seeds, but says to only plant 5 and to put the rest in your garden. So we practiced our counting.

Then she pressed the seeds into the soil.

This is what I get when I ask her to smile and take her picture with her sunflower seeds. ;)

Then we put it in the window seal to get some sun!

She was mesmerized by the view. A fence. Haha. No...really...Geoff was mowing and she likes watching him.

And we went ahead and added a little water. I really hope these grow!

Then- later in the afternoon we all went outside for Parker to plant her very own flower box. Grace joined us. Geoff really wanted a picture of her holding the seeds. So here it is. :)

Here....Geoff is asking her if he can help her put soil in her flower box.

Here...Geoff is laughing because she said, "No Daddy. I do it!" To which he laughingly replied..."Well....I think it's going to take us a while then." Then we both laughed.

I love watching Geoff with her. He such a good dad. He's been gone a lot lately working (I'm not complaining, just saying)...and she's really missed him. I know she was so happy to spend some fun time with him.

We let her pick out her own seeds at the store. Whatever she wanted. I believe she planted morning glories?

And her favorite part. Watering.

Love this picture of her genuine smiling/happy face.

Love this one, too! That smirk! She knows better!


Viv said...

cannot wait to see her flowers!

Kristin said...

Those are some cute pictures!!

I saw those things at Target and kept meaning to tell you about them!! Glad you found them on your own!! :)


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