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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

nesting fun

one of Nolan's favorite things to do is nest his stacking cups.  i think i've mentioned this before.  anyways….i had long forgotten that i had these nesting cubes and got them out last week.  he didn't have as much 'fun' with them as i thought he would.  isn't that always how it goes?  but a little fun, nonetheless.

love they way they are looking at each other here.  he was after her necklace!

Monday, February 24, 2014

sweet sleeping babe

One day last week…Nolan's naps were off a bit.  I can't remember the exact times….but he had been asleep awhile…and it was getting time that I needed to wake him up because he still needed to have a bottle, dinner, then eventually his bedtime bottle.

This very rarely happens that I am able to go into his dark room…him still asleep….open up the curtains…and snap away at his sweet little sleeping self.

But on this day, I was able to.  
And they are just some of the sweetest pictures.
And I couldn't reduce the number of photos or add them into a collage because I love them all so,

My sweet, sweet boy.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

driving miss daisy

We have 2 of these Little Tikes cars/trucks.  Parker got the police car when she was 15 months old for Christmas.  And Grace got hers, I think, for her 1st Christmas.  Anyways….they'd play with them here and there…but it got to the point where they were just sitting here in our living room collecting dust (like the rest of the furniture in our house).  So when we pulled out the Christmas decorations from the attic in November…I had Geoff put them in the attic.  

I figured they wouldn't miss them.  And I was right.  

But then- just as we were putting the decor up…they started asking about them again.  So we brought them down and have pretty much played with them everyday since.

Parker loves them the most.  And Grace…..well…..she'd rather just have her big sister drive her around.  At first- Parker didn't seem to mind at all.  But as the days have passed…Parker has since gotten tired of doing this so much.  :)

Anyways…the liner that popped into my head as I watched them day in and day out was…. 'driving miss daisy.'


….and night.

Silly girls!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

life lately.

just cleaning out a few pictures from my phone tonight.

Well…I never put the final finishing touches on the girls' shared bedroom. and alas….about a week ago, we put their twin beds back into a bunk bed.  We had tried this before when we first got the beds…..this was back when Grace was still in her toddler bed in her own room and before Nolan.  Parker thought she wanted to sleep on top them, but only lasted a few nights.  Then by the time we did make their room shared….Parker still wasn't ready, so we kept the twin beds side by side.  So now…(short story made longer by me…) they are back together.  And they both are loving it.  I think Parker likes that she kind of has her own space.  Now- Grace is allowed up there, but still.

The second day they had figured out they could make it a fort…and brought the iPad in there to watch a show.  They were so quiet and I was able to get quite a bit of laundry and picking up done.

 Speaking of laundry….this little guy likes to help.

but he sure is cute!

 This past week, Parker had Donuts with Dad at her school.  I was in charge of picking up the donuts, and I had to chuckle when I saw the boxes all stacked up.  That's a lot of donuts!

 It was a great turnout and Grace was able to join in on the fun since I was there, too.

While in class…they had made special little papers for their dads.  So sweet.

This past Friday we had a 'family fun day'…which consisted of a plan for us to go to Ikea and The Container Store.  We only made it to Ikea, but it was still considered a success.
Nolan's diaper bag ready for a day out.

But first…we decided to stop at a restaurant called La Hacienda Ranch.  I've never been and it was pretty good.  The kids were pretty well behaved and it was good to eat out together as a family.

Geoff and Parker playing tic tac toe.

As we were leaving…we couldn't help but let all 3 try riding out their horse and carriages.

Love his face in this first one on the left.

Then bubs got to ride all on his own.

And after shopping…on the way home….iPad watching for the girls and a nap for Nolan (and momma, too!).

My granny was in town visiting this week so we went to my mom's house for lunch on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grace @ 4 years

Grace turned 4 back in January.  I half-way catalogued her actual birthday in I wanted to document that here.  And end the post with a little 'what she's doing @ 4 years.'


Grace's Frozen birthday party was the day before her actual birthday.  So Sunday morning- after all the kids were awake, and after Grace's Elsa hair was attached to her pretty little head...

.....I began making her breakfast of choice.  Pancakes with sprinkles and powdered sugar.

We took a {blurry} picture by her birthday countdown.

And we even sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles for a second time.

{blurry} powdered sugar mustache that she was oh so proud of.

just putting together an ice castle or two...

Her only request on her birthday (other than the powdered sugar sprinkled donuts and candles and singing happy birthday to her…..she wanted to see Frozen a 3rd time.  So we did.  Oh-  and she had to wear the wig.  Which I thought was cute.  And we may or may not have gotten a few "How cute" 's and a few 'what is she wearing' stares.

After the movie….I needed to get gas and decided to go through the car wash.  I realized right before we went in that the girls have never been….and I remember this being a fun-ish sort of thing when I was little.  And it did not disappoint.  :)  They loved it and now every time we drive by they think we need a car wash.  Even on the rainy days.

My sister and her family came over for fajitas….and they were sweet enough to bring over an ice cream cake.  So Grace was able to blow out candles for a 3rd time.  And this time I filmed it.

IMG 0960 from Marla on Vimeo.

If I had to think of a few words (or a lot of words) or phrases to describe Grace….I'd say:
-she's happy 99% of the time
-she has the most tender heart.  gets her feelings hurt very easily when being disciplined and plays with my own emotions.  :)  i'm getting better with this though.  she's flown under the radar for pretty much her whole life….so now that we're home together 2 days a week without parker….she's getting a little more attention….if you know what i mean.
-she'll tell you that you doesn't want to eat a certain thing that you're making for dinner.  you'll make her something she will eat because sometimes you just don't want the hassle of it.  then- not a couple minutes after you sit down…she's wanting to eat the food that is from your plate!
-loves her little brother.  and will just pick and prod and drag….like she has no idea the consequences of this.  bless her heart.  i know she loves me.  but is frequently reminded to step away from the baby. ha!
-she's starting to figure out that she doesn't always want to do what parker wants to do.
-needs frequent (and multiple) reminders to clean up/pick up.  she usually says she's 'too tired' when asked to clean up.
-she still loves for me to hold her.  and sitting here right now….i realize that i need to make a point to do it more.  parker has reached the age where she very rarely wants/needs me to hold her.  and now….grace would probably let me hold her as long as i wanted.  a few weeks ago…geoff got up with parker and nolan and left me to sleep.  grace had gotten out of her bed and had been asleep on the floor.  she woke up…and i saw that she had opened the door….stepped out far enough to see that i was not out there…came back into the room and shut the door.  i told her to come here.  i think she thought she was in trouble, but she wasn't.  i told her to climb up next to me and we just laid there and i held her.  she was so still and didn't say a word.  after about 5 minutes….i asked if she was ready to get up or if she wanted me to hold her a little longer.  and she said wanted me to hold her a little longer.  let me tell you….for grace to lay still and awake for FIVE minutes…this was something!  and just so sweet.
-if i tell her that we are going to do some school work with her….she reminds me that she's not in school now and doesn't need to do it.
-she has the most infectious laugh.  you can't hardly hear her laugh and not laugh, too.
-while she can have her normal 4 year old "me, me, me!!" tendencies…..she is also very kind-hearted.  for christmas she picked out a gift for parker….and she was just so excited to give it to her and knew she'd just be so happy.  and if parker is throwing a fit about something she wants….sometimes grace will just give it to her (i did say sometimes) to make her happy.  just a sweet girl.

she's pretty much just this fun, spirited little girl that has just blessed our lives more than we could ever say or imagine.


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