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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nolan's First Valentine's

Since Grace's Frozen party….we left up this lit backdrop because I wanted to take Nolan's Valentine's pictures in front of it.  My intent, of course, was to take them a couple of weeks ago and get these lights down.  And that never happened.  BUT….I did take the pictures the day before Valentine's Day….so in my book….that's super early! ha!

I tried to narrow down these pictures to just a few, but he's so darn cute, I couldn't.  And he makes so many different faces and I just love them all.  So….

My littlest valentine.

These are a few outtakes.  He is mobile now and so he did not want to sit still.  At all.  It was a game to come after me and the camera, mostly.

Please do not eat the little heart we gave you to help you sit still.  Not a good choice on our part.  ;)

This is one of my favorites, I think.  Concentrating so hard standing up…he had to stick that tongue out.

We finally thought to start clapping.  His favorite thing.  He obliged….

And we got this one.  Love my littlest Valentine so.

1 comment:

Viv said...

so very precious! He really does get into getting his picture made though!


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