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Friday, April 30, 2010

Funfilled Family Friday

Today was Geoff's first day off in 10 days...meaning.... we haven't really seen that much of him lately. So I have really been looking forward to this weekend because...well...I've missed him! And Parker has, too! (and I am sure Grace has too!)

I decided to let Geoff sleep in a bit, so we got a pretty slow start to the day....which I normally hate due to afternoon naps and blablabla. We ended up not leaving the house until about 11:15am. But we didn't let that slow us down!

If you'll remember....I have been having this long-time problem (approx 6 months) of putting Parker to bed and her staying in her bed! I have shed many a tear over this. But the good news is.....we are doing SO much better now! (How this has come about deserves a post in and of itself, so I'll share it with you another day.)

And since she has been doing so well, I have been telling her we'd take her to the 'toy store' to get her a Buzz and Woody doll from the movie Toy Story. (Geoff got both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 for Parker a few weeks ago and she loves those movies....and we really like them, too! We're really excited because Toy Story 3 will be coming out soon and we are going to take her to a real movie theater for the first ever! I am so excited to see what she thinks about the big screen...and am especially excited because she will already be familiar with the characters in the movie that we are I am hoping this will help keep her interest. She is 2, though, so we'll see!)

Getting to the point....(I realize it takes me a while. I'd try to change it and say write less, but this is me! :)

We headed out to Stonebriar Mall because after googling the dolls that I thought I wanted her to have, it looked like we could only get them at The Disney Store (this may or may not be true)....and this is where the closest store is to us.

So right when we got to the mall, we ate at Chic-fil-A. Parker was mesmerized by the carousel that we told her she could ride after we ate. And we were excited, too, because she has never ridden the carousel before and we thought she'd really like it.

And she did!

Parker and I (me and Parker? I can never remember the proper grammer rule for this. If you know- could you tell me in the comments? Thanks.) before her ride.

All around that carousel are these candy dispensers and she wanted one SO bad. Since we didn't have a quarter....we told her we'd go to the candy store (we were just in one of those moods like "let's just make this a good, fun day").

I never fully appreciated the statement "like a kid in a candy store" until today. ;)

After Candy World...we went to The Disney Store. She kept asking, "Where's Buzz? Where's Woody?"

There were quite a few to choose from....and in our minds we thought we wanted her to have the real 'doll' she'd carry it around and love it like Andy did in the movie. But those dolls were expensive...and well...let's get real...I don't think anything will ever come between her and her Lovey.

So we ended up getting these little figures that were much cheaper and she loves them.
Geoff and I talked about how just because we had a certain doll in our head that we wanted to get her, she didn't have that idea....she just wanted a "Buzz" and a "Woody"....and that's what she got! It's so cute watching her play with them. Can't believe how fast she's growing up! {wiping tear}

Baby Grace was sleeping away this whole time. Her sweet feet were sticking out of her blanket.

Then before we left...Parker got to ride one last time with her Daddy.

Oh...and Grace woke up right before their ride started.

We then headed to Ikea where we bribed Parker with popcorn to keep her in the shopping cart and we scurried through to the end before she was done! works! (at least for now)

And to finish off our day...we went to Popcorn Papa and got a bag of pickle flavored popcorn and pizza flavored popcorn. This stuff is so addicting! We first tried this stuff at my friend Kelli's son's birthday party this past September, and just recently had it is Payton's birthday. Go try it if you haven't before!

I'm pooped, to say the very least. Looking forward to tomorrow.....we have absolutely NO plans!!! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet sisters.

Yesterday afternoon while Grace was napping, Parker and I played in the backyard. After about 45 minutes...we were ready to come in. Almost as soon as we came in...Grace was waking up.

I told Parker that she needed to go wash her hands (because we had been playing in bird seed, dirt, etc.) and then we could go get baby Grace.

She was all too excited to do this. She ran into the bathroom...I was picking up a little bit in the kitchen while she did this....I heard the water running (so I assume that she washed her hands)....the next thing I heard was her talking to Grace.

So I quickly ran into her room (I don't really like to leave the two of them alone! :) ....and this is what I saw....

Parker kept asking me to take more pictures. So I did.

Here...Grace's hand must have been brushing against Parker's neck because Parker kept giggling saying that Baby Grace was tickling her! Too cute.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Planting seeds.

I ventured to Target a few days ago and found these little 'grow kits' in the dollar bin. There was a sunflower one...

And a tomato one.

And did I mention that they were a dollar??

I realize that you can go out and buy your own soil and flower pot and seeds...but this was all together...everything you needed...for a dollar. Especially when it is something that you are planning to do with a 2 year know?

So today, we planted the sunflower seeds.

This is the little soil pellet/thingie.

She added 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water.

Then waited 5 minutes for it to do its thing. Pretty neat, huh? As I've said doesn't take a lot to amuse me.

While we were waiting the 5 minutes....I had her color a picture of a sunflower. (I got the template from here, but if you google 'sunflower template' or something along those lines...there are so many coloring templates that come up).

I had colored one yesterday when she wasn't around so that she would be able to see what a sunflower looked like. Because although I explain to her what we are doing (i.e. planting seeds and they will grow into a flower)...I can't help but think that she really has no concept of what I am talking about (or maybe she does, and I'm just guessing)...but that's the point of this activity....for her to see it.

Anyway- I wanted to color the picture the 'right' colors in an effort to help her understand that this was the flower that was going to grow from our seeds.

And it was hilarious to me when I sat the picture I had colored in front of her...along with the blank one...and she immediately went for the purple and blue! haha! Looking back now...this doesn't surprise me in the least....but it's just neat to see how they think. Or how so many things we know....we think that our kids should 'automatically' know. Anyway...

So when the 5 minutes was up...she stirred the dirt around...

Then placed it in the small pot...

The kit comes with quite a few seeds, but says to only plant 5 and to put the rest in your garden. So we practiced our counting.

Then she pressed the seeds into the soil.

This is what I get when I ask her to smile and take her picture with her sunflower seeds. ;)

Then we put it in the window seal to get some sun!

She was mesmerized by the view. A fence. Haha. No...really...Geoff was mowing and she likes watching him.

And we went ahead and added a little water. I really hope these grow!

Then- later in the afternoon we all went outside for Parker to plant her very own flower box. Grace joined us. Geoff really wanted a picture of her holding the seeds. So here it is. :)

Here....Geoff is asking her if he can help her put soil in her flower box.

Here...Geoff is laughing because she said, "No Daddy. I do it!" To which he laughingly replied..."Well....I think it's going to take us a while then." Then we both laughed.

I love watching Geoff with her. He such a good dad. He's been gone a lot lately working (I'm not complaining, just saying)...and she's really missed him. I know she was so happy to spend some fun time with him.

We let her pick out her own seeds at the store. Whatever she wanted. I believe she planted morning glories?

And her favorite part. Watering.

Love this picture of her genuine smiling/happy face.

Love this one, too! That smirk! She knows better!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now that's a bump!

UPDATE: Parker is doing great! Surprisingly enough- she hardly even has a bump anymore! (And by the way- she hit her head on the bottom corner of the recliner. I gave her some children's ibuprofen right after it happened to help with the swelling and any pain.)

At around 7pm tonight...Parker was in a great mood. She was dancing around in her underwear (because for some reason, it's just more fun for her to not have her clothes on??) with Lovey. She was giggling...have the best ole time.

I was sitting in the recliner with Grace....trying to keep her calm until I could feed her again in 30 minutes and put her to bed.

But then.

Parker bit the dust.


I heard it.

But let me just say...she's a tough little girl. She falls all the time (well, not all the time)...runs into things....and gets right back up and says, "I ok!"

I've always been impressed with this. However....ever since she was little (like she's not still little)...if she'd fall...we'd be quick to say, "You're ok!" And not freak out before she decided if she was hurt or not...because those few occasions that we did 'freak out' because we 'thought' she might be hurt...she'd always cry more, you know?

So tonight...when she immediately sat up....looked at me....then started crying....that "I'm so hurt" cry.....I knew she was hurt.

I immediately laid Grace on the floor (praying that she, too, would not scream...and she didn't!!). I picked Parker up and asked her what she hurt. She said her head.

I started looking....and it didn't take long for me to find this.....

I don't remember what I said exactly, but something like "Oh my goodness!!" This bump had popped up literally instantaneously!! I'm sure this is all normal....but I have seriously not seen anything like this (and I've seen some nursing school and people trying to bite me........impacted......well....nevermind). Then I quickly played it off because I didn't want her to think that I was worried. They can sense things like this, you know.

But let me tell you what! She did not even cry for a whole minute!

I took her into the kitchen to get some ice. She, of course, needed her own eat. So I made 2 bags of crushed ice. I tried to put ice on her head, but she protested. I was able to do it for about it a minute...then I'd slightly move it and she'd say..."I'm aaaalll better now!" So I gave up.

I took all of these pictures because a) she wasn't crying and I was so amazed at this huge thing that popped up in milliseconds, and b) she let me.

I'm not sure if the pictures really give 'the' bump justice....but here are the best ones....

She just sat there while I was taking pictures....eating her ice (which, I's not good for her teeth, but...).

Here....I told her to look up. And she did. Haha.


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