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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

another good visit with Granny.

Before I move on about our day....I just wanted to show this giant sunflower.  As I have mentioned's at least 9 feet tall.  Anyway....I didn't get out there when it was all's getting a little wilty now.  I am ready to pull it out of the bed....but Geoff insists we wait until we have it's seeds.  And I guess I agree.  It's a long process.  But there's just something really neat....perhaps amazing about it.  I guess that's true with all forms of life.  Moving on...

And I wanted to include this picture of Grace watching me water the garden through the window....just because I like it.


So today we had another good visit with my granny.  Kristin and I try to take the girls every so often.  At least every couple of months if not more.

The girls were pretty good on the car ride up.... (or down...actually, I think east)

We rarely get a picture of the girls with Granny because we wait to do the picture until almost time to go....when meltdowns are ensueing.  So this time....Kristin was proactive and got all the girls in her lap 5 minutes into our visit.

We also wanted to get a picture of us with we enlisted the help of Parker. (Kristin snapped this with her camera because it was just too cute seeing her holding that big camera that's almost bigger than her head!)

And she did a pretty good job!  I did have to crop it to make it centered....but hey.....who doesn't have problems centering their photos??  (Sister.....I had no idea until looking at these pictures that we were wearing the same shirt.  I'm real observant like that.  And also got a kick out of the fact that we were all wearing flags on our shirt.  Hahahaha.!)

Then Parker got caught up in the moment and started taking pictures of Payton and Grace...

We've been visiting Granny during the week for lunch visits since Parker was little.  Here's a little look back:

August 2008:

May, 2009

And many more visits inbetween, but I'll stop with those.  Thanks for bearing with me as I took a stroll down memory lane.  I tend to do that at times.

 They always love to sit at this table that my Papaw built and color, play with cards, and who knows what else they do down there.  We played on this table when we were little, too!

And as of today....they also like to take all of the chair cushions off of the kitchen chairs.....not sure what they were 'playing' when they did this?

One of Parker's many few fits of the day was because she wanted to have this glass glass.  I probably would have let her have it initially, but she kept talking over me while I was talking to Granny and I kept asking her to stop.  This is something that we are really working on...but anyway.....she ended up being able to get to use this glass because her granny his so nice.  And she was so happy.

After Granny's.....we went back to the scrub store to pick up 2 more things....and we were going to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up something I need to finish up their 4th of July outfits....but it was just too hot!  I was sweating, they were sweating, and we were done.

So we came home and I let them play with jello.  I had originally made it and planned for them to play with it yesterday....but I was just too tired....mostly because I did not want to clean up the sticky mess.  ;)  I thought this might keep them busy while I cooked dinner.  And it sort of did....

but then I was also left with this mess.....

I guess it was worth it, though, because I think they enjoyed themselves.  After dinner, I steam cleaned the floors, gave them baths, picked up a bit....and they were both in bed a little early.  6:45am is too early for them to get up...not just because I want to sleep more (because I've been up before that the past 2 days, as well....I think my body is starting to confuse it's days with nights)...but because they need the sleep!!  

Thank you, Granny, for another great lunch and wonderful visit!  Love you.

in my phone.

Since the phone camera is so easy to access these days....I find that I have captured some of our 'best memories', or, things I want to document somehow.....but the photo(s) don't really deserve a post by it's easier to have these 'phone photo round-ups' every now and then.

I am impressed that I was able to cut it down to this many.  haha!

A few weeks ago....I was working, and Geoff took the girls to a friend's birthday party.  She left (against her wishes and threw a huge fit!).....with lots of good candy and a kite.  When I woke up the next afternoon.....all she could talk about was how she wanted to fly her kite!  We kept putting her off because the wind was not blowing.  Well... by the next day, I told Geoff we needed to just let her fly the kite and see that it wouldn't fly because there was NO wind.

Well.....she proved us wrong and 'flew' her running back and forth across the yard.  This has ended up being one of my favorite pictures.


I may have already posted this photo case you're wondering.  She can climb on pretty much anything these days.  Fun for her.  Scary for me.  (you'll see more evidence of this further down)  :)


I think it was one day last week and I needed to run into Office Depot (I think it was 2 weeks ago, actually, but that's neither here nor there).  And in the rush to get out of the house with a moody 1 year old that just woke from her the blistering heat....and to hurry and get back before the pre-dinner meltdown.....I did not pay much attention to what my 3 year old was wearing.  I knew she wanted to be sure to take her comb.....but I had no idea how she was planning to use it.  Much less wear it.  (this picture makes me laugh outloud!)

This little gal actually did pretty well walking around holding our markers. 

We were there about 20 minutes.  15 minutes longer than I had planned, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.  (I have no idea why I did not ask earlier.....I think maybe because I enjoyed (I use that term loosely here)....walking down the aisles and seeing what they had.....that, in turn.....made me feel as though I needed.  Needless to say.....I was sweating by the time we left.....with 2 kids throwing a fit for one reason or another.  ;)


Sitting with daddy before bedtime.  He plays Hang Man or Words with Friends.


A trip to ChuckECheese a few months ago for a fun-day Monday.


Yesterday we ran an errand to the scrub store because I am in desperate need of more than my 3 pair that I rotate each week!  Anyway- I think Parker was excited to get out of the house because she ran to get ready so fast.  She came out and actually stood in front of proud....and said, "Mommy!  Do I match?"  Why yes you do.  She brings matching to a new 'level'.  Haha!  I've told her before that she couldn't wear something because it didn't 'match'......and most of the time I really don't care what she wears....but sometimes I have to draw the line.  Anyway....I kind of think I have ruined her because her idea of 'matching'....and wearing all of the same color....regardless of the shade of that color.  ;)


Yesterday- Geoff was walking out the door....and I was in the kitchen doing something when I hear Geoff say, "Come look at what your daughter is doing!"

You see- I have all of my sewing stuff sprawled along the dining room table while I am trying to organize our office (something that appears to be a never-ending job!).  Anyway- I've never really had a problem with keeping Parker out of that stuff......but I think with might be a different story.  I had to snap a picture with her face and demeanor....because she just looked like she was so proud of herself.

Oh!  We got  a smiling picture of her with her eyes open!  haha.

Looking out the corner of her see if I am going to tell her no?  Stinker.  She is a mess!  I think I say that at least once a day.  And it's meaning sways between literal and metaphorically speaking.  ;)


The other morning I had a little while with Grace before Parker woke......just enjoyed some alone time together eating her go-gurt.


She got a hold of a marker the other day.....and I was running around picking up or something productive like that.....and said, "GRACE!!!"  She jumped.  She was just going to town writing on her foot like it was what she was supposed to be doing.  I picked the markers up....and then my phone for a photo.  ;) proud.  She said, "Wook!"....and case there was any confusion as to what we were to be looking at.  But least it wasn't our walls!!!


Just a few pictures from the park a few weeks ago.....


After the park....we took what I think was one of our last outings to dinner as a family for a while!  ;)

Grace loves the corn on the cob from Chili's.  I think Parker does, too.  It's so good and buttery!

A mess!


Yesterday morning....Parker was in a helping sort of mood....and actually helped me empty the dishwasher.  It kind of made me think that we might need to implore a chore chart for her or something?  We'll see.  Maybe I'll wait a couple of more months until she's 4.  But I think it might be neat for her to earn a few bucks and be able to get herself her own strawberry limeade or something from the dollar bin. she was putting the silverware away....she would gather up each type of thing separately and then count them.  For instance....she got all of the spoons....then counted and told me there were 6.  So there's even learning involved here.  (It is also important to note that I think emptying the dishwasher is something that is not mine and Geoff's favorite thing to this may work out. ;)


These next few are some of my favorites, too.  Yesterday morning, I let Grace eat without a booster seat....and Parker wanted to sit on the same side as Grace.  And I just loved the view....

(Admittingly....that face is a little scary. Ha!  When we get her out of her bed in the morning.....she requests a bow most days.)


And in an attempt to get a picture with me and my girls......



 Happy Wednesday!


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