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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. ~Isadora James


We had a pretty good day today. Not perfect.....because it never is.  And as it should be.  But all in all....I'll look back on this day with fondness.  

As the girls get older.....they are playing together more and more.  I can't really give justice to, in words, the feelings I get when I see them playing together.  I am so thankful that they have each other and hope they are always close.


Geoff pulled out our little igloo tent that we got at Ikea not that long ago for $9.99.  You can't beat that price!  Parker requested that Geoff place the sheet over it to make it darker inside the tent.  Parker is just telling Grace where to go and what to do....and for a while...she did just what she was told.  ;)

Parker told Grace to get her Minnie and her baby and to follow her.....they were going to work.

Once behind the couch....Grace had other plans.  This does not sit well with Parker.  ;)

Parker is telling her, "Grace!  Come here!"

And Grace replies, "No!"

Until Grace realized that Parker really wanted her to get back in the tent with her.....she made her way back over....

From inside the tent.....

Then they decided they needed pillows.....

Splat!  She said, "OH!"  when she fell....and then got right back up.

Daddy even got in there for a bit.  He's such a fun dad.  I feel guilty sometimes because I play with them....but I guess we just play with them differently.....and he's definitely more fun!

So when lunch time came......Grace comes running into the kitchen....sees that I am almost done making her spaghetti.....and goes and climbs in this chair.  We are currently still putting her in a booster seat....but today- she beat us to the chair and I was in a special "I've been up since 5:45am mood so whatever is just going to have to be ok today".....and she did just fine.  Messy, but that's normal for her.  (Oh- and just to note.....she ran to Geoff to have him take her shirt off before climbing onto the chair.  She know's this is how she ends up after spaghetti.  Hahaha!

I pick up her spaghetti off of the chair and off of her at least 4 times during the meal.  Maybe this is why she is always so hungry.....I just think she's eating a lot, but really it's not ending up in her belly!  She is very independent though and wants no help!

Then Parker started acting silly making noises with her lips.  I think she wanted me to take these pictures because she was acting so silly and she thought she was pretty funny.  So I laughed with her. the time I sit down to eat my lunch....they are half way done.  This is also the norm around here.  But I point it out only because.....right when I sit down....she reaches her hand over to grab my hand so we can say the blessing.  I try to just grab her wrist....but she wants to hold my hand.  And I could wipe it off, but what would the point of that be?

After lunch, I tried to clean up the kitchen a bit....and they continued to play fairly well with each other.  Making 'cookies'...

I had made these last week for "C is for Cookie" (idea is from here).

So Parker had taken all of the puzzles out of the puzzle wrack and was making her cookies on that....

She was getting pretty upset at this point because she did not want Grace to help her anymore....because...well....I don't think Grace was really helping.  ;)

So Grace decided to roll around on the floor for a bit. 

This is how Parker works.  They 'go places'....and she, of course, gets the car.  And Grace (or Payton if she is here).....has to follow her along in their 'car'....which is the stroller.  They are stopped at a red light here.

Parker told her that now the light was green so they could go.

Grace was not supposed to take that out of the back of her car!  :)

And just to write this down for memory's one point Parker was really wanting Grace to do something....and Grace was done being told what to do playing with her.  And so Parker would say to her, "Grace!  Come here!  Do you want to get ice cream later?  Do you want to go to Gramma's house?  Then you better come here!"

Where does she get this???  I have no idea.  ;)


And to finish up the day.....somehow....Parker started saying, "Ready.  Set. Go." from the doorway....then running and bouncing onto the couch....and getting 'stuck' (or 'tuck' as Grace would say).  Well- monkey see, monkey do.  And they were both doing it.  Hilarious to me.


Viv said...

so very sweet, made me smile, & also made me teary-eyed. They are just amazing though!

Snider Family said...

Looks like they were having so much fun together. I can't wait until Grayson and Reagan can play like that. Poor, thing wants him to play with her so bad, right now he just isn't that fun. I'm sure in about 6 months I will say, oh I am so tired of saying, "stop that, give that back to him!" You have to share!" "Leave him/her alone!"

Snider Family said...

Oh and I say the same thing about Darrin. He is more than I am sometimes, just a different kind of fun!


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