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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From my misplaced memory card.

On Christmas day- we ran out of space on the memory card that was in our camera. Usually- we just upload the photos onto our computer and delete after import. But on this day- there were pictures on this card that I was not ready to delete.

So we just took that card out and put in another one.

Fast forward 2 months later.

Geoff needed a memory card today. So he- just by chance- picked up the memory card that we had taken out on Christmas day and had never thought a thing about ever again.

He wanted to check and see what was on this 'forgotten' card......and I was so excited to find some pictures on their that made me laugh and smile.

These next photos were taken on the day after Geoff's birthday back in November, and the girls were wearing these shirts that my friend, Jamie, had given us before Grace was born. Since they were so cute and special- I wanted to get a picture of them wearing it.

Well- I guess.... technically...... I did get a picture of them. But these photos will show, yet again, what an adventure it is to get a picture of little ones.

And the deal is- I almost think I like these kind better. Definitely more character.

Parker's just not into. She's just staring at us. Not complying. On purppose.

This is probably where we bribed with a sip of our Dr. Pepper or m&ms or Skittle. :)

We has exactly 2.7 seconds to take a photo with the hat on, and it's over.

Parker loves this shirt so much.

Ok- so I know this is kind of gross. Well- it is gross. And maybe I'll lose my nerve and delete this later......but it's kind of funny, too. What are the odds that she'd blow this 'snot bubble' and I'd be there with a camera in her face?

Now a few wtih Daddy. Which is almost just as bad. Haha. ;)

Sweet Grace and her trying to smile. That squished up face never gets old to me and I love it.

The last one. And I'll take it. ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Steve.

I think it was this past Tuesday morning that we were all playing outside....enjoying the beautiful weather together.

Parker was off playing by herself. I guess we weren't really paying too much attention.....when we realized she was talking to Steve.

Geoff and I can't remember specific things that she said......but I do remember that we had the door open and I was in the kitchen cleaning up, when I heard Geoff say in an inquiring voice, "Who's Steve???" I chuckled.

It was in this morning.....that Parker took her yellow swing (that we had taken down so that both 'baby swings' could be hanging up).......dragged it to the top of the slide.....and went down the slide on this yellow swing.

Fast forward to yesterday evening.......

Grace was still napping. Geoff had run to Wal-Mart.

I told Parker we could go outside if she put her shoes on. {And just for the record.......she dresses herself these days....except on Sundays. ;) }

So she opens the door while I'm gathering up the monitor and phone and putting my shoes on.......And she peers outside. I stand back looking at her.....when she says, in almost a whisper, "Steeee-ve? Where are you?.........Steve?"

I didn't act like I noticed.

We go outside and begin playing.

Fast forward.....and Geoff's home and starting up the grill. We started talking about "Steve".....and how we don't really know anyone named "Steve" (at least that Parker knows of).......and Geoff informs me that Steve is not just her imaginary friend in the backyard.......but he IS the yellow swing! Ha ha ha!!! Makes me smile just thinking about it. ;) Steve! ;)


And I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and advice on my last post. Grace woke up this morning feeling much, much better! She did have a low grade fever until her afternoon nap.....but then woke up fever free (with the help of some ibuprofen!). By bedtime she was almost back to her complete 'normal' self.

It was kind of odd how abruptly the fever came on....and how lethargic she was.....and how stubborn it was to bring down......and now completely gone? But we are oh so thankful! And I am glad to have spent some up close and personal time with my sweet baby. It was much needed on my end.

Saying, "Cheese!"

She tries SOOOOOOO hard to make that big cheese smile! And I love it!


I'm linking up today over a Not Before 7

You never really know....

.....what the day may bring.

Parker spent the night with Gramma and Poppa last night so I was able to hang out with my littlest gal for the evening. It was so nice to be able to spend that one-on-one time with her.

We all slept in until about 8:30. THIS WAS SO NICE!!!!!!!! And I am very thankful for it.

I got up, took a shower.

Geoff fed Grace breakfast.

I got ready to go over to my sister's house for a Thirty-One party (Our friend, Megan, is a consultant and they have so many cute things! Personalized bags, totes, cooler bags.....a lot! Go check it out!)

Grace was walking around....talking.....playing. Being normal.

After the party- Parker and I (my mom had brought her over to Kristin's) headed home to pick up Geoff and Grace to run some errands.

Grace was still acting 'normal.'

On the way to our first destination- I commented to Geoff that Grace looked like she was going to fall asleep. She was just sitting in her car seat.....not moving......with her eyes barely open.

We go into Home Depot. She still just sits there. No facial expressions. No talking. No smiling.

We decided to cut our day of outings abruptly short and headed home.

Temp taken.


Poor baby. She just laid in my arms. We gave her ibuprofen and a cool rag on her head. Every time I would put the cool rag on her head she would not move.....but she whimpered. Uuuh. So sad.

After about 15 minutes or so she began to perk up so I went ahead and put her down for her afternoon nap (since it was time).

She woke up about 2 and a half hours later and was pretty cranky. Her temp was then only 100 (which, technically, isn't even fever).

We went ahead and grilled out, (the plan had been for Kristin and her family to come over and eat and just play outside the entire time because it was such a beautiful day- which they did not end up coming......but we still had to eat), and she seemed to perk up a bit. She swang a little. But mostly still wanted to be held. But I was ok with this because her fever was gone.

Well- as we were eating- she did not want to sit in her seat.....and did not want to eat..... and so I held her.

She then began shivering. I know this feeling. And her shivers were coming from deep within her tiny body. And I could see her little hand and arm shaking. It was the saddest thing to me. And kind of scary, too.

Fever. 102 again.

About an hour later: 102.6.

I just held her. I took these pictures with my phone. She's not a thumb sucker.....but we have noticed that she will sit with her thumb in her mouth since she hasn't been feeling very well. (Please ignore the double chin. (Although- I find it a bit odd that I ask you to ignore that which I am bringing direct attention to.)

And I couldn't help but stare at these sweet, chubby feet.

Since it was getting close to bedtime and her fever was going up.....and it was still 1 hour away from being able to give ibuprofen again- we went ahead and gave a dose of acetamenophen.

A about 45 minutes later it was down to about 101.6 and she had begun to perk up again. I stripped her down to her diaper to hopefully release some of the heat coming off of her body- and she actually started walking around a bit and ate a cracker and drank a little juice.

We gave her another dose of ibuprofen before we put her down because her fever has proven to be hard to break and with the night time coming, I don't want her fever to get too high in her sleep.

We are going to check on her again before we go to bed.....and then maybe set the alarm for 2am to check on her again. Is that what you're supposed to do??

We have been so blessed that Parker has not really ever been sick until this past Christmas (when she came down with bronchitis and was put on antibiotics for the first time in her life at the age of 3) that I don't really know what to do.

Geoff even made the comment that he felt more calm because he 'knows' that I 'know' what I am doing since I am nurse. This is SO not even the case!! I know a smidgen (if that) about preemie neonates. And that's it. Period.

Plus- when you throw your own kids in the mix- it really clouds your judgment.

So any advice will be much appreciated. If we can control the we just keep her home until Monday when we can get her into see the dr. Are we supposed to take her to an acute care clinic? Decisions, decisions.

I am thinking that as long as we can control her fever we will be ok until Monday. I just feel kind of bad because I know she doesn't feel well. And in addition- she really doesn't have any symptoms other than the cough, no runny I am thinking it is probably strep throat....since it's such a high, sustaining fever......and it's been going around.

I absolutely hate that she is sick. I would take her place in a heartbeat. But I must admit.....I have kind of enjoyed her sitting in my lap. I've been missing her lately!

Monday, February 14, 2011

13 Things.

1. I posted about this mailbox a week or so ago. And how I got it so that I could leave letters/treats for Parker on days that I go to work.

Well- it took me a while.....but I finally got around to following through with my plan this past Wednesday.

Geoff sent me this picture. He said she was so excited when she saw the mailbox and everything inside. It made my day and it really didn't take me long to get together. Just a quick note and some M&Ms (although- I do not want to get in the habit of always leaving her candy).

The next morning- before Geoff was even up- he aid she ran into our room saying, "mommy wrote me another letter and got me a PINK slinky." ;)

2. I made these 'recycled crayons' for Parker's Sunday school class. I got the idea for it from Counting Coconuts and thought it was perfect: cheap, easy, and NO sugar!

3. Grace is going through a picky and whiny and stubborn and demanding stage right now. Haha. Anyway- she has gotten to where she will not eat the food that we cut up for her (you know- the way you are supposed to for your one year old?). This can be a very frustrating and scary thing. So sometimes we have let her hold larger pieces of food....and just sit with her and watch her closely. We say the words, "No ma'am!" a lot, as well as, "Take a bite". She does pretty well most of the time.....taking small bites. But alas- she will still try to shove large pieces in her mouth. (NOTE: I didn't just sit here and take pictures of her stuffing her mouth....I did intervene!)

See.....even when I just say her name, "GRACE!", she immediately spits it out. She knows!

Parker just sat there eating her popcicle. ;)

Here.....she's trying to pull apart 'small' pieces.

Almost in- and I said, "Grace! No ma'am!"

So she pulled it out of her mouth.....smiled.....shook her head no.......and then continued to eat it. So put down the camera to put a stop to this once and for all! ;)

4. Kristin had a Valentine's party this past Friday. It was good to have a 'playdate' and talk with other mom' well as, enjoy some good food. Kristin did a great job decorating the table. I
was very impressed!

Parker is done with me taking her pictures. So this is the new face she makes a lot of the time.

I love it when we try to get a picture of all the kids. Even though they don't come out how we would like.....I think they turn out much better. Here are just a few that I got....

This is Megan and her son Hayden. He loves Grace. Seriously. It's the funniest/cutest thing.

And I wanted to get a few more pictures, when my battery died.

5. After the party- we came home and Grace took a nap. Parker and I had 'quiet time.'

Then it was snack time.

Parker's: mandrin oranges and cheez-its (per her request).

Grace's: heart-shaped cheese slices and crackers.

This is what Grace does when I pick up the camera......Makes me laugh.

Here she is saying, "Cheese!"

6. During snack time- Parker and I made a few Valentines.

A few weeks ago I had made her a Valentine's sensory tub.

And Parker took the stuff from inside her tub- and made me this picture.

Well- I decided we could use the rest of the tub to make a few more things. I got this idea for these Valentines wreaths from No Time For Flashcards. Ours didn't turn out quite as cute as hers. ;)

She was proud and so was I. We had fun eating our snacks and crafting. It was a good afternoon.

Grace ate all of her snack and started stacking her cups.

7. I had tried to decorate our house for Valentines, but it didn't quite work out. I made this chain.......

and had wanted it hung over our window in the kitchen....

But it ended up being hung over the ceiling fan in our living room instead. Maybe next year?

8. Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. Parker made me some 'dessert' from her sand box. She kept asking me if I wanted butter on my dessert? I told her sure. Why not?

9. This girl loves to swing.

10. I made this cheesecake danish to take to Sunday school. I think maybe I should go have a slice of it right now.

11. We got home and napped. Then Geoff built a small tent in the living room (Aunt Sis did this at her house earlier in the week for the girls). Parker had a blast. She kept yelling at the top of her lungs, "Grace!!! Grace!!! Come. in. here!!!"

12. Geoff took the rest of our overripened bananas....and made some banana bread.

He made a few in our silicone hearts....

13. And lastly- I made 'chocolate' play-dough for Parker to play with tomorrow. I used this recipe and added about 4tsp of cocoa and some red and green food coloring to make it more brown. So easy to make. And hoping she will love it.

I got this idea from Counting Coconuts......and got a box of chocolates......took out the chocolates.....and put the 'chocolate' play-dough in the box. Because I used real smells like chocolate. While I was making it, I was wishing it was chocolate!


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