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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From my misplaced memory card.

On Christmas day- we ran out of space on the memory card that was in our camera. Usually- we just upload the photos onto our computer and delete after import. But on this day- there were pictures on this card that I was not ready to delete.

So we just took that card out and put in another one.

Fast forward 2 months later.

Geoff needed a memory card today. So he- just by chance- picked up the memory card that we had taken out on Christmas day and had never thought a thing about ever again.

He wanted to check and see what was on this 'forgotten' card......and I was so excited to find some pictures on their that made me laugh and smile.

These next photos were taken on the day after Geoff's birthday back in November, and the girls were wearing these shirts that my friend, Jamie, had given us before Grace was born. Since they were so cute and special- I wanted to get a picture of them wearing it.

Well- I guess.... technically...... I did get a picture of them. But these photos will show, yet again, what an adventure it is to get a picture of little ones.

And the deal is- I almost think I like these kind better. Definitely more character.

Parker's just not into. She's just staring at us. Not complying. On purppose.

This is probably where we bribed with a sip of our Dr. Pepper or m&ms or Skittle. :)

We has exactly 2.7 seconds to take a photo with the hat on, and it's over.

Parker loves this shirt so much.

Ok- so I know this is kind of gross. Well- it is gross. And maybe I'll lose my nerve and delete this later......but it's kind of funny, too. What are the odds that she'd blow this 'snot bubble' and I'd be there with a camera in her face?

Now a few wtih Daddy. Which is almost just as bad. Haha. ;)

Sweet Grace and her trying to smile. That squished up face never gets old to me and I love it.

The last one. And I'll take it. ;)


Kristin said...

Cute pictures of the girls!! Grace just makes me smile.. love her CHEESING faces!!!! Parker cracks me up giving that look... I know she was doing it on purpose.. haha
and Grace blowing a snot bubble... OH MY I am sure she will appreciate that when she is older hahahahahaha

Unknown said...

I love the treasures you discovered when you found the card.

Viv said...

loved then all, what a great discovery huh?

Milstead said...

These are so sweet. That last one is a framer! Grace trying to smile makes me giggle. :) Love you all!


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