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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caterpillars to Butterflies....

So we're finishing up our caterpillar and butterfly activities around here.  I didn't get around to as many as I wanted, but still....did some.

While they were still caterpillars.....Geoff did the classic egg carton caterpillars with them one day when I was sleeping.  Only....we had no pip cleaner....and although I did eventually get around to gluing on the googly eyes....I never got around to taking the picture.  So these will do.  Geoff did so well taking so many pictures for me.  ;)

And I'm guessing they got pretty messy....

They had a butterfly snack one day...

They only did the one caterpillar activity....but we were able to fit in a few butterfly ones after they made themselves into their chrysalises.

During nap time one afternoon- Parker and I made these coffee filter butterflies (idea from here).  But instead of using colored glue or paint....we chose to use the do-a-dots.  Which I think made them turn out pretty cute.

I really do love these.  Easy to use...and not as messy as paints!


On another afternoon....we made these band-aid butterflies (idea from here).  This was a great activity!

I showed them how to do one...then they did it on their own.  They went through the box of 30  (they were cheap band aids, luckily!) in about 10 minutes....but it was just enough time to get a few last minute things together for dinner.

It really is so fun to watch the 2 girls attempt to do the same craft....

Parker's first butterfly....

Grace's first butterfly.....

And then, of course, hung them up for display!


They also made handprint butterflies.....

We used buttons to decorate the wings because that's all I had....

I just realized I didn't get a picture of these so I just snapped one real quick with my phone.  You get the idea.....



So the last caterpillar made its way into a butterfly yesterday afternoon.  It sat around for a while not was good to see and we were able to talk about how it just got its wings....and so he had to practice a little before it could fly.  By yesterday evening it was fluttering around.  We'll probably let it go sometime today or tomorrow.


Not sure if we'll do this every year...but it's still be pretty fun.  Parker definitely knows the life cycle of a butterfly now.  ;)  And Grace doesn't really, but it has definitely piqued her interest!  ;)


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