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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Easter

Our Easter didn't quite go as planned.  And that's ok.

Grace started laying around yesterday and raised a red flag for Geoff.  So he took her temperature and she had a little bit of fever.  He ran out and got some ibuprofen and she hasn't run fever since.  However- she's not quite acting 100%- so we decided to keep her home today.

So I took Parker to church with me.  Geoff stayed home with Grace.

After church- they had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids.  I only got this one picture of Parker.  She did a little better egg hunting than earlier this week- but I think it was still just a lot going on.  Lots of people.  Lots of moving around.

And I got Kristin to snap this one picture of us before leaving.

Kristin took Parker to my mom's where they had a good brisket lunch.  I went home to nap because I was supposed to go to work to night.  BUT- we are overstaffed and I am able to have the night off!  So thankful for this.  Geoff is off tomorrow and I am looking forward to a FULL day off together and with the girls.

So I suppose we'll just take our 'Easter' pictures when I get their "Easter dresses' complete and we are all feeling good!

Hope you all had a great day celebrating the risen Savior!

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