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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Play Date 2012!

Megan hosted our Easter play date again this year.  We had a great time, as always!  It's always a toss up of who had more fun- the kids or the adults!  ;)


Kaden and Hayson

These 3 girls were very excited to hunt the eggs!


I had thought since Parker was going to be the oldest one there that she would be a pro at this egg hunting business and she'd have a full Easter basket...... and worried she'd take too many eggs.  But no.  No....she took her time....shaking each egg she came upon....would even open some before putting them into her basket?  She ended up with the least!  Less than a dozen, in fact.  It works out though- we have less candy.  She is so funny about some things these days!

Grace did pretty well on her own.  She got a few more eggs than he sister!

Kaden, Parker, Payton, Parker, Hudson, Addisyn, Hayden, and Cannon

Me and my girlies

Kristin and Payton

Shada and Addisyn

Cupcake time!

Kristin made these cute cupcakes....

Megan and Hayden

1 comment:

Heather Green said...

How fun!! Those shirts are adorable, though nowhere near as adorable as those kids! What a good-looking crew!! :)


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