Friday, March 30, 2012

this and that from the week-

I filled a tub with bird seed + plastic Easter eggs.....

= lots of fun for the girls

Until little sister tries to play in Parker's area.....


We got rid of our gold and green St. Patrick's day play dough....and made our Easter play dough.  We have pink, purple, and blue.


And they spent some time with a little bit of water and pouring.  And making a little bit of a mess.  ;)

Parker did really well....

This was the first time I gave Grace the opportunity to do something like this and she was very into it.  She threw caution to the wind and just poured.  And poured.  It everywhere.  ;)

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Megan said...

So fun! You always have the best activities. I need to make some of your play dough too. Hayden loved the playdough you made and it was really easy for him to manipulate!


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