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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tidbits from our week....

This is just a conglomeration of our week.  I'm not even going to take the time to figure out what day each thing happened because in the grand scheme of's not important.  But just wanted to document a few things before I get too far behind and then don't!

One morning Parker woke up early- so I decided it was a great day for Starbucks.  I had a gift card so this made it even greater.  And for a little fun....the girls got their own little milk.

That morning- we had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberries.  Grace loves eggs.  Actually- she loves most things.  :)


The next day was a beautiful day and we headed to the park.  Just caught a few pics.....


One afternoon I let the girls paint. 

Grace was loving this.  I think when Parker was this age I took a lot more time doing things with her.  And doing this- made me realize I really want to start doing more things.

She can kind of get out of control quickly.....but on this day I was able to keep it mostly contained.  It helps that Parker is older and will listen to my instructions most of the time.  ;)

I guess she thought painting the side of the box would be fun.....


Another day- we did these little sticker pages.  I love these activity boxes.  The girls got a few for Christmas and I hadn't really brought them out until this week.  Great last minute activities that the girls eat up- and no planning or prepping on my part.  It's a win-win!


I got a fairly large container of kiwi from Costco and spilt it with Kristin.  It was so good.  I think I'll go back this week and get another one just for us!  I didn't realize how good it would taste and was afraid it would go to waste.  But now I don't think it will.


An afternoon of playing games and puzzles with Parker during Grace's nap time.  I think she's slowly but surely understanding how to really play this game.  I let her win some.....but sometimes I win, too.  This is the only way she'll learn!

She won!

Parker got this large ballerina floor puzzle back in December from Grandad and Mimi.  She's always loved it...and I remember the first few times we started doing this, she needed quite a bit of help- which is totally normal.  But now I see that she can pretty much do the whole thing by herself.  Just fun to watch her grow and learn.


Yes- that is cheddar cheese you see there in our cupboard.  This is my brain most of the time sometimes these days.


We went to a different park on another day so Parker could ride her bike around the trail.

Lovey and Mulan were along for the ride, of course.

This gal was a little on the whiney side....which not usually the case.  She's really only like this when she's tired.  So that's an easy fix!


So our house is a wreck!  I'm trying to buckle down this weekend and get some organizing done.  One of my biggest issues is finding certain articles of clothing when I need them.  Even when I have all of the laundry done....I still can't find things.  So frustrating!  I finally cleaned out Parker's drawers and organized them.  I explained to her where everything goes....she seemed kind of into it.  She even proudly showed Geoff.  I know, I know- it won't last.  But I still took the opportunity to try to teach her.

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