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Thursday, March 15, 2012


We made a rainbow one day with colored marshmallows...


It was so nice to come home from running errands yesterday afternoon and pop this frozen meal in the oven.  A lot of the time we make 1 bath of whatever we are cooking and divide it into 2-8x8 pans.  Eat one then, one later.  Really works out nicely.....


While I don't like to always reward with I already said- I have been so happy about Parker's behavior and so I rewarded her with this Dora doll.  Payton has the exact same one and she loves it.  She told me she did not want to sleep with her because she didn't want her hair to get messed up.  She laid her on her dresser tonight before bed and covered her with the sheet from her top bunk.  She did all of this before Grace and I made it in there for story time.


We made PW's  purple monster smoothies yesterday morning.  I tried to half the recipe, but in doing so....ours turned out not as purple.  Grace and I liked it....Geoff and Parker were not fans.  Next time we'll get vanilla Greek yogurt instead of plain.  Will still make again though.


When we got home from running errands yesterday....Parker ran into her room to put on her jammies.  Only- while she was in there....she decided she wanted to put on are jeggings and a top and her she 'would look nice like mommy.'  I had to laugh.  And take a picture for her sweetness.  She has just been a joy to be around the past few days.  Not that I don't always enjoy her....but over the last few weeks we've had some rough spots.  So I have been soaking up this loving and sweet and obeying behavior!

Anyway- I had to laugh because instead of wearing sweats today....I took a shower first thing and got ready for the day.  I just wore this.....jeans and a top.

But when I walked out of our room while the girls were eating breakfast and Geoff was still making his breakfast.....Parker took notice of me.  Her eyes kind of brightened.  And she said, "Daddy- what do you think?  What do you think of Mommy?"  So ummm I guess I can take 2 things from this: 1) I wear pajamas a lot, and 2) maybe I should get out of them more!  Haha.


And one morning this week I made a lot of pancakes.  We eat what we want and freeze the rest for the rest of the week.  I tried to make it a little more fun (and healthy) by adding the orange slices.  ;)

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Kristin said...

Phil wants me to make those PW smoothies, after seeing the show last week.

Glad Parker got a Dora doll, I am sure she is super excited.

That pancake with oranges looks nice!

Big Apple Mami said...

Stopping over from Insta-Friday. Your girls are cute!
Love the pancake idea! That's adorable! Your newest Follower


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