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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

I have been trying to capture Grace singing for a while now....but as you know- as soon as the camera comes out.....they stop doing whatever cute thing they are doing.  But on this day I finally got her to do it!

The main song I wanted her to sing was Jesus Loves Me...which is what she's singing here.  Another one I really want to get her to do is "Deep and Wide" because this song has hand motions and she just looks so cute doing them!  Hopefully soon!

But for's she is....sining Jesus Love Me.... (we were playing play-dough at the time....and she wanted me to roll it up in small balls....I told her I would if she'd sing...and she did!)

Then I even got her to sing the ABCs.

I let her watch herself right after she sang it.  And oh my goodness, did she love doing this.


Big sis needed a turn, too.  I wish I had captured Parker singing this about a year or 2 ago to capture her smaller voice (and maybe I did)....but this'll do.''


Kristin said...

Made me smile!

The first two videos are the same of Grace saying the ABC's

Megan said...

There is something about those babies singing that pulls at your heartstrings. Just precious!! And impressive too! ;-)


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