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Friday, March 23, 2012

Storybook Bibles for Children

For a while- I had been wanting to get the girls (mostly Parker for now) some story book bibles.  To tell those good ole stories on a level she can understand.

Again- I took 2 suggestions from 1+1+1=1 back before Christmas and added them to the girls' Amazon wish lists.

I think Parker's favorite one is this one....

There are definitely some stories that are a still over her head, but she seriously eats them up.  Especially this story pictured below.  The one of David and Goliath.  I don't know how many times we've read it.  We read it tonight, as a matter of fact.

I kind of feel like the pictures and words in this book would maybe be more on her level?  But she usually requests the other so I don't argue.

After Grace is down- we usually let Parker pick one book of her choice, then one story out of one of these beginner bibles.  Geoff is probably even better about it then me.  I think he's become a better reader than me.  ;)

Anyway-I just wanted to share these because they really have been a blessing to us.  We're sharing the Word with our children, all the while- benefitting from hearing these stories ourselves.  Some of them I remember, and those are good to read and hear again.  I remember learning them when I was little and so it sparks an extra something.  But some- I'm either not familiar with or have forgotten- and so it's nice to learn right along with her.  And it's so exciting to watch her want to learn about Jesus.  I realize as an adult we need the actual Bible.  But it doesn't hurt to hear it here either!


Jessica said...

Those look great! I'd like to get some for CeCe! I've been meaning to ask you what you think of Awana? We signed C up for it but haven't started yet!

Viv said...

this may be a double post, for some reason it's not letting me leave a comment?? Anyhow, loved the books but mainly love that ya'll read to them!

Megan said...

So funny you posted this. I just bought The Beginner's Bible for Hayden and we have been reading it the last few days and he is eating it up. I know it is just as good for me! I am loving it too!

Jennifer said...

We have both of those Bibles. When we finish one we start the other and then over again. I love the Jesus story book Bible, but the other is much more basic.

Unknown said...

Grandma loves the old Gospel Light baby set too. I don't know if that is still available because Gospel Light went out of business. But, as the kids grow, try using some of Grandma's "family" Bible lessons. The kids can even "lead" them, which is really great!


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