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Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the kitchen- with Grace

A week ago- Kristin picked up Parker and took her and Payton to the dollar movies.  Leaving me an afternoon alone with Grace (and the opportunity to have a nap before going into work that night which was very helpful!)

This was a last minute outing- so I had already planned to make some St. Patrick's day cookies with both girls and so I decided I'd still go ahead and make them with Grace.

But oh my goodness.

She is a mess!  I just don't remember Parker being so hand-sy while baking.  Sure....she'd dip a finger in now and then.  But Grace.  Yeh- she sticks in her whole hand!!!  I even caught myself getting irritated a little because I was afraid she'd get sick and she was so fast and she would not listen at all.  But then stopped myself because the point in all of this was to have fun.

So fun we had.  Mostly her.  ;)  {and yes- please ignore the snot pouring out of her nose....I'm a little embarrassed and confused as to why I didn't wipe it away?  Except I do think that it was continuously running.  So yeh- that's it.}

Exhibit A: Whole hand in mouth.

Exhibit B: Whole hand in mouth.


Exhibit C: Whole hand in mixing bowl.

Stepped away seconds to capture this pic.  I wasn't sure how she'd do but she did really well.

The sifted flour just looked so pretty to me.  I guess it was prettier in person.  ;)

So for our St. Patty's day cookies it was nothing too fancy.  I bought these sprinkles...sometime.  Maybe even last year???  And I just made our trusty ole sugar cookie recipe (just an old recipe in an old cookbook of my mom's.....I started using when I baked sugar cookie with Parker at this same age) and dumped them in.  I didn't have enough hands at this point to get a picture and contain my child from dipping both hands in the mixing bowl.

After she figured out she was not going to get anymore dough....she went off and played by herself for a bit while I cleaned up.

About 5 minutes later she informed me that she wanted her pajammies on and wanted to watch Pochontus.  So we didn't watch the whole movie.....just the 2 parts where she sings songs.  Which are her favorite parts and the only parts she cares about.

She looks so cute and sweet just sitting there.

After snapping these pictures- I got her in my lap to watch a few more reprises of the songs and it was off to bed.  For both of us.  What a treat!  Thanks, Kristin!

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Viv said...

awe, so sweet, made me smile!


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