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Thursday, March 22, 2012


From St. Patrick's Day- Parker is actually wearing her St. Patty's day outfit from last year.  Yay!  For one- it was nice to not have an extra outfit to make this year...and two- it was nice of her to get more use out of it!  Grace will inherit the skirt in a year or so- and I'll either get my mom to make her a shirt or I might come up something.  Anyway- Grace's dress is a new spin on our pillowcase dress and I am currently working on a pattern for sizes 0-3 mo through 4T using a cute spring/summer fabric and will be in our shop soon!


Beautiful sky on the way into work downtown....


Beautiful sky on the way home then next morning....


Our living room for the greater part of the last week or so....

And happy to report it's almost all the way picked up!


The sky on Monday night.....big stomrs moving in....


So my mom and Kristin will periodically paint the girls' nails and I think that they just look so cute.  Their little hands, their little toes.  Well- the other day I thought I'd paint my own toes.  And also there's.  Well- I know you can't really see- but- I do not do a good job at all! 

Kristin was here the other night and I asked her how she painted their nails so well.  To which she responded- "I know- I was wondering if they painted them."  Haha.  To which I replied, "I know- my toes look like I let them paint them also."  Maybe I just need more practice?


Just a picture of my littlest gal from church on Wednesday night.  We drop Parker off at choir and just walk around, sit around, and visit until it's time for me to go to AWANA.  Grace thinks she is 'so cool' because we drop her sister off and it's just me and her.  She's usually in a really good mood.  Love this one of her...

She was playing with this miniature Mulan doll.  Talking for it...walking it around....and....putting her in time out!  ;)  Love this kid.


life rearranged


Karla said...

Cute outfits for the kiddos! Love the storm clouds picture!

Mary said...

Love those St. Patrick's Day outfits - too cute!!


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