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Saturday, May 25, 2013

mad moms in minivans

Well...we finally took the plunge!  We are now minivan owners.

This is the last picture I took of the kids piled 3 deep in the back seat of our 4Runner.  We had looked at minivans before Nolan was born and had decided to wait a little while longer.  Well....on the way home from the hospital we decided that maybe we should get the minivan sooner than later!

Even as excited as I was to get the was still bittersweet because that 4Runner had been with us from the beginning!  Geoff bought it before we met...but then we went on our first date in the 4Runner....our first family vacation....brought all 3 of our kids home in that car.....just lots and lots of time spent in that car!

When we were at the dealership and Geoff was moving all of our stuff from the 4Runner to the van it started raining....the girls were ecstatic and just getting into everything in the van...and Nolan was screaming his head off.  I too one last peak into the empty front seat, back seat, and back end, then hopped into the van before we got drenched.  I think all of the commotion {read: my kids} kept me distracted and so I didn't shed a tear.

Our kids in our new van before pulling out of the car lot.  Not sure if the seating arrangement will last, but we are loving all if the extra space, newness (to us), and I'm still getting used to all of the controls and such.

We're definitely in a new season of life with our 3 soon-to-be kindergartener, recitals for the girls, swimming, newborn baby boy, etc.
And it's a joy-filled, wild ride! (pun intended)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Parker's last day of K4

Wednesday was Parker's last day of K4.  It was Field Day and they had lots of water fun.

This guy was pretty good and slept most of the time.  But it was a little bit of work keeping him in the shade and feeding him and so I didn't get to take as many pictures or watch as much of the 'field day' as I had planned....but I guess it was the thought that I was there that counts!

For the first activity- they stood in these little pools and picked marbles up with their toes and placed them in the frisbees that were floating in the pool.

I was impressed with their skills!

Parker picked up 9 by the time the timer went off.

They did these big blow up balls that you could crawl inside of and make them roll...

Grace was pretty good, but ready to go about 15 minutes into the field day activities.

The snow cone saved the day!

I used my zoom lens to take this picture and was far away....but Parker first ran with a cup of water on her head (not pictured) and then ran back (this is what she's doing in this picture).

The last picture of my girl as a pre-schooler!  She's now a kindergartener!

My oh my how much she's changed in a year.  And not just physically....but she's learned so much.  We definitely have our rough days....but a lot of days she's my little buddy and helper.  She's my inquisitive little girl that rarely misses a beat, and that definitely keeps me on my toes.   Sometimes I'll just be sitting in a room watching her play and she doesn't know that I am...and my heart almost hurts because I just love her so much.   It can't really be described in words. 

In just a few short months we'll have a kindergartener!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nolan's first bath

Nolan had his first bath at home a week and a half ago...I'm just a little behind in putting it here.  :)

We just did a sponge bath since his circumcision wasn't completely healed yet.  And we had 2 girls that were more than excited to watch and 'help'.

Two silly girls, that is.

I was taking my time for some reason...and he seemed to enjoy his 'bath' at first...

still doesn't seem to mind....

then Grace started 'helping'

ok- now he's done!

sweet boy all bundled up.

(It's like I think that if I make the picture black and white, it covers up a little bit how awful I look??)


And this has nothing to do with Nolan's bath...but right after his bath, the girls went outside to play for a while.  And so I caught these pictures through the window blinds of them being sweet.  :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nolan @ 3 weeks

We are still trucking along here!  Nolan turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  And so far (and I may regret writing this, ha!)...he is my best baby.  Not sure if that's just his temperament....if it's because he's the 3rd and so he has to be easy going with our somewhat busy schedules....or if since this is my 3rd, I'm not stressing my baby out all the time like I know I did with my first?  Or God just knew this was all I could handle.  :)   Either way- I'm soaking him up.

I asked Geoff the other day if he thought I was taking more pictures of him than I did with he other 2.  He said no.  But then I started thinking- and I think I do!  This is my first baby with my just in phone pictures alone I have so many.  You usually hear that by the third there are less pictures because there is less time (and that could still end up being true)...but I think for now...I'm taking so many pictures because I don't want to forget how little.  How this is probably my last baby.  And I know first hand just how fast the time flies.

Nolan @ 3 weeks:
-still napping well during the day.  we are having more awake time, but some days he still does seem more drowsy than others.
-I try putting him 'down for the night' between 8pm and 9pm...and if successful....he will usually wake up only 2 more times in the night around 12-1am and then again around 5am.  So at night...he's still going between 3-5 hours between feeds.  Most of the time he will let me lay him right back down (a few nights he's a little more difficult and needs to be held and such and it takes me an hour or 2 to get him back down).  I know I do complain to Geoff about my lack of sleep, but really- I should not.  He's really such a good baby and I know it could be so much worse!

And he spent a little time sunbathing yesterday.  Maybe this will help a little with his jaundice?  He was so drowsy yesterday that he actually fell asleep in the bouncy seat for the first time.  And he stayed asleep in that bouncy seat until his sisters came and started talking to/messing with him.  ;)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

this and that

these are just pictures from my camera that don't necessarily fit into a specific post, but wanted to post nonetheless.

the girls had dance pictures this week and, at the time, had energy to take pictures with my big camera, too.  (buy the time thursday rolled around i didn't have that same energy)

grace and payton.  they are too cute.

my granny is still in town and i was lucky enough to have her come hang out with us on thursday morning for a while.  it was so nice to visit and she held nolan for a good while.  he was so good sitting in her lap.

tummy time!  on monday at nolan's well-visti, they gave me a little handout about tummy time.  after i saw it, i though, "oh yeh- tummy time!".  so much that you forget about these tiny littles.  so we gave it a little try and he looked so cute doing it.  although- it seemed like he was most interested in chewing on his hand.  ha!

getting it a little higher!

and rest.

sweet little hand.

for the record....the girls ask me to take their picture with nolan, not the other way around.

my loves.

and these feet.  i can't handle it.  those curled toes!

this one's my favorite....with parker holding his hand in the background.

and then just a boring ole pic of him sleeping in his rock and play.  i still love this thing.

and while i was taking pictures of him....parker ran and got my phone so she could be just like me and take his picture, too.  the sound was off on my phone and she even asked me to turn the volume back on so that it would 'click' when she took a picture.

and then she posed, of course, for me to take one of her, too.


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