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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nolan's first bath

Nolan had his first bath at home a week and a half ago...I'm just a little behind in putting it here.  :)

We just did a sponge bath since his circumcision wasn't completely healed yet.  And we had 2 girls that were more than excited to watch and 'help'.

Two silly girls, that is.

I was taking my time for some reason...and he seemed to enjoy his 'bath' at first...

still doesn't seem to mind....

then Grace started 'helping'

ok- now he's done!

sweet boy all bundled up.

(It's like I think that if I make the picture black and white, it covers up a little bit how awful I look??)


And this has nothing to do with Nolan's bath...but right after his bath, the girls went outside to play for a while.  And so I caught these pictures through the window blinds of them being sweet.  :)


Kristin said...

Such a good boy!!! So precious toO!

Sanz said...

Such wonderful memories for you and your children! Hope you are recovering well.

Viv said...

You do NOT look awful! He is so precious!


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