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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

all by myself

Today was the first day I had all 3 kids by myself.  I was a little bit nervous, I'll admit.  Having Geoff home the past 2 weeks has been so helpful.  We made a pretty good team- he usually had the girls and I had the baby.  And at times we'd switch it up so that all kids would get some attention from both parents.

I was mostly worried because it wasn't going to be just an easy laid back day at home.....I had to get up, get Parker ready for school, come home, get Grace ready for her dance pictures......and somewhere in there... I needed to feed the baby.  That was where most of my planning came into play- when to
feed the baby!  And coincidentally- each feeding tended to land at a time we would not be home.  So needless to say- I fed him early a few times.....and most of his napping today took place in his car seat.  Such is the life of a third kid, I suppose.

Anyway- I'm happy to report that we were on time for every place we had to be!!  It helped that my kids were good today- obeying the first time they were asked and just them being in decent moods helped tremendously.  ;)

We even had time to take this picture before we left for school!

Grace at her pictures.  All the girls looked so cute.

A little afternoon snuggle time....

And after picking Parker up from school- we had a little Sonic happy hour to reward ourselves.  :)

This guy was a trooper being drug all around town today.  He was more awake today, too, so that was kind of fun to see.  But then he wasn't as predictable.  :)

Tomorrow we plan to take it easy.  We've had somwhere to be every morning for the past week or it will be nice to just stay in our pajamas a little longer and take it slow.  And I will probably let the girls watch too much TV tomorrow, too.  Although I really could not have asked for this day to run any smoother- I am physically exhausted.  My abdomen is sore from putting Nolan in and out of the car, and I think from just being so much more active than I have been in the past 2 weeks.

I'm starting to switch into my 'stay-at-home-momma' mode...trying to figure out our new normal while Daddy's at work....and juggling a newborn with the 2 kids we already have.  Nursing has been more of a challenge this time around just because of how much we are out and about with the 2 older ones....whereas, when we had Grace- we only had Parker and she was 2 years old at the time and in no activities.  Now we just have a little bit more going on.  I know we'll figure it all out eventually.  ;)


Sanz said...

You'll get it all figured out in no time! Sounds like you are already managing everything well! It is funny how different a 1st child's experience is vs. a 3rd child! Life revolves around nursing and naps, but a 3 child naps when they can, is often woken up early to go somewhere, etc... Best wishes to you!

Viv said...

It sounds like to me that you are doing great. I know how organized you are so you will have it down pat in no time!


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