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Saturday, May 18, 2013

this and that

these are just pictures from my camera that don't necessarily fit into a specific post, but wanted to post nonetheless.

the girls had dance pictures this week and, at the time, had energy to take pictures with my big camera, too.  (buy the time thursday rolled around i didn't have that same energy)

grace and payton.  they are too cute.

my granny is still in town and i was lucky enough to have her come hang out with us on thursday morning for a while.  it was so nice to visit and she held nolan for a good while.  he was so good sitting in her lap.

tummy time!  on monday at nolan's well-visti, they gave me a little handout about tummy time.  after i saw it, i though, "oh yeh- tummy time!".  so much that you forget about these tiny littles.  so we gave it a little try and he looked so cute doing it.  although- it seemed like he was most interested in chewing on his hand.  ha!

getting it a little higher!

and rest.

sweet little hand.

for the record....the girls ask me to take their picture with nolan, not the other way around.

my loves.

and these feet.  i can't handle it.  those curled toes!

this one's my favorite....with parker holding his hand in the background.

and then just a boring ole pic of him sleeping in his rock and play.  i still love this thing.

and while i was taking pictures of him....parker ran and got my phone so she could be just like me and take his picture, too.  the sound was off on my phone and she even asked me to turn the volume back on so that it would 'click' when she took a picture.

and then she posed, of course, for me to take one of her, too.

1 comment:

Viv said...

So very sweet! Love the girls in their dance outfits! Those pictures of the three of those babies, you're going to have to add some of these to your Gallery you know!


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