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Friday, May 24, 2013

Parker's last day of K4

Wednesday was Parker's last day of K4.  It was Field Day and they had lots of water fun.

This guy was pretty good and slept most of the time.  But it was a little bit of work keeping him in the shade and feeding him and so I didn't get to take as many pictures or watch as much of the 'field day' as I had planned....but I guess it was the thought that I was there that counts!

For the first activity- they stood in these little pools and picked marbles up with their toes and placed them in the frisbees that were floating in the pool.

I was impressed with their skills!

Parker picked up 9 by the time the timer went off.

They did these big blow up balls that you could crawl inside of and make them roll...

Grace was pretty good, but ready to go about 15 minutes into the field day activities.

The snow cone saved the day!

I used my zoom lens to take this picture and was far away....but Parker first ran with a cup of water on her head (not pictured) and then ran back (this is what she's doing in this picture).

The last picture of my girl as a pre-schooler!  She's now a kindergartener!

My oh my how much she's changed in a year.  And not just physically....but she's learned so much.  We definitely have our rough days....but a lot of days she's my little buddy and helper.  She's my inquisitive little girl that rarely misses a beat, and that definitely keeps me on my toes.   Sometimes I'll just be sitting in a room watching her play and she doesn't know that I am...and my heart almost hurts because I just love her so much.   It can't really be described in words. 

In just a few short months we'll have a kindergartener!

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Viv said...

She is just so precious! Growing up fast too!


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