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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

since we've been home

This is going to be a fairly boring post...just of pictures we've taken since we've been home.  I want to give a little update that I don't think I included in Nolan's 1 week post yesterday (if I did, forgive me)....

The girls have been so good since bringing home the baby.  We had prayed that they would make an easy transition and I, for one, was worried about Grace and her not getting as much attention.  And really....the girls love him SO much.  So much, in fact....that now I am kind of ready for his newness to wear off with them so they will maybe not be so 'in-his-face' all the time. {I'm never satisfied, I guess!}   Now really- if I had to pick...this is the way I would want things to be so I am VERY thankful.  We have to just watch both girls really closely because Parker wants to help out so much...and has even picked him up without us being right there (I saw her just a few seconds later and had a talk with her)...but that is scary!!  He was crying and I told her I was coming right there and I would pick him up...and there she was..."helping".  And then today- we had just got home from taking Nolan's newborn pictures and Geoff had sat the car seat in the middle of the floor and went back out to the garage to clean out the car. 2 seconds...Grace had tipped the car seat backwards and Nolan was crying.  Scared me to death!  The girls are older and very helpful....but they are just so excited and want to do so much for their little brother that's not that helpful.  :)  But like I said....all good problems to have!

As for Geoff and me.  We are doing well.  It is so good to be home together.  I pretty much have baby duty...and he does most of the things for the girls.  It's a nice trade off.  Also...Nolan is mostly good about eating and going back to sleep at the night....BUT....he wants to be held.  And so Geoff will usually take a shift for me and sit/sleep in the recliner with him so I can get a little sleep flat in our bed.  I think today we finally hit a wall though and are pretty tired and worn out.  Maybe we can both squeeze in a nap tomorrow?  (yeh right, ha!)

We have also had some sweet friends and my sister bring us meals that have been such a blessing.

OK....onto just lots of photos (And words, too.  Who am I kidding?)

My granny is in town visiting my great aunt...and so she was able to come over and meet Nolan last Thursday when we came home from the hospital.

Big sisters wanted their turn.

Saturday seemed a little 'nomal'.  I had a long night with Nolan...and so when he finally got to sleep we both ended up sleeping til 10am.  Geoff got up bright an early (around 6:30) with the girls.  He made them breakfast and by the time I got up...they were ready to start working in the garden.  We had originally decided to forego the garden this year...but at the last minute Geoff decided to plan only a few plants...some okra and pepper plants.  So he cleaned out the overgrown weeds and got it cleaned up and ready.  We hope to expand next year but it's really quite a bit of work and commitment and I just didn't think I had it in me this summer.

The girls picked up some flower seeds and so Geoff planted those as well.

Later that mom and Terry came and picked up the girls and to them to "Barbie and the Symphony" and let them spend the night with them.  It was a nice little break and I know the girls had so much fun, too.

Geoff picked us up Raising Canes for dinner...and since we didn't have the was early enough to start a movie.  He had rented us Silver Linings Playbook.  It was pretty good.  And so nice to have that time together to just watch a movie and hold the baby.  And I was still in bed by 8:30!

I took these pictures while he was picking up dinner.  I know he looks SO yellow...and he was pretty yellow this day...but I'm thinking these pictures make him look more yellow.  Anyway....these are him and I just wanted to capture his tiny-ness because I know it's so fleeting.


I'm done!!

On Sunday- the girls came home and we had a good time just hanging out.  If we lay him down on the floor for 'awake' time...the girls just swarm.  It really is sweet.

And Geoff put together his swing.  We wore out the swing we got for Parker when she was born...and then wore out Kristin's swing when we used it for Grace.  I love this one.  It even vibrates!

And since I had gotten some pictures of his hands on Saturday...I put him in a footless sleep so I could see those sweet feet.

I'm done, Mom!

 I'm not sure who like the swing more...the girls or him?  Haha.  They kept saying, "You mean it swings all by itself?"  and "What does vibrate mean?"  All new things to them.

Our favorite phrases to say these days:
"Please don't touch the baby's head."
"Please don't touch the baby's face."
"Please don't pick up the baby."
"Please be easy with the baby."
"Please do NOT touch the baby's HEAD!"


Courtney said...

My goodness. My heart. How absolutely precious.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Also curious where you got his personalized blanket. He's a cutie!

Viv said...

I know, I just love all the pictures and particularly love the blanket. I will have to order one for our new grandson when we find out his name, LOL!

Sanz said...

That fabric is about the coolest thing ever! Where did you get it?!

Emily said...

I laughed out loud when I read the last part...when we first brought Gunner home, I felt like a broken record!

He's so cute!


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