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Friday, May 17, 2013

our week

This past week has flown, but the days sure did seem long at times.  :)

We started off last Saturday morning with some awake time for Nolan...and his 2 big sisters just doting over him.  I think many times they overstimulate him!!  They don't quite understand this concept yet.  :)

Saturday evening we had my stepsister, Aubrey's, wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and I fully intend to blog about it at some point, but just haven't found the time yet.  Ha!  All the girls did so well being the flower girls...but by around 9:30ish...Grace started crying telling me she was ready to go home and she wanted to lay in my lap.  Sweet girl.

Sunday was mother's day...and we had a low-key day.  Nolan got dressed up a bit for our lunch out.

Monday- Nolan had his 2 week well-visit.  Everything went well there, and I'm so thankful for that!

I'm having so much fun dressing him up in the boy clothes he has.  I'm not sure if I've taken more or about the same amount of pictures of him as I did the other 2.  I keep going back and forth between feeling like "this time is so fleeting and lamenting over how he's already gotten so big since he was born" "he won't be eating everything 3 hours 24/7 for the rest of his life, right??"  And I just can't seem to get enough pictures of him right now because I want to remember just how little and cute he is.

Tuesday- Geoff went back to Wednesday morning was my first morning to get all 3 kids dressed and fed and out the door by 8:15.  It was a success and I even had time to spare for this picture.

I have to keep Nolan close by me at all times because I can't really trust the girls with him at all.  Sure- they love him SO much and can't get enough of him...but that's the problem!  I think one or both could very easily unintentionally hurt him and I do not, do not, do not want that to happen.  Anyway- wherever I take him, though, they are not far behind.

While Grace had her dance pictures Wednesday...Parker had her pictures on Thursday evening.

Thursday caught up with me and I. was. exhausted.  My sister kept Grace and Nolan for the hour I took Parker to get her pictures...and I ended up picking up fast food for dinner because I didn't have it in me to do anything else.

Well...wouldn't you know...right before we leave my sisters...Parker throws up on her kitchen floor.  At the time- I think she's won't be that bad?  Well...until the ride home.  SO very thankful Geoff was home when I got home and he helped me get the girls in bed (all the while Nolan is screaming his head off)...and get the car all cleaned up.

So today we took it easy again.

I put Nolan on his belly for a little tummy time for the first time.  He didn't seem to mind it and did pretty well.

I knew she still wasn't feeling 100% when she actually asked me to put Nolan down so I could hold her.  And I was thankful that Nolan did, in fact, let me lay him down and was able to cuddle her a bit.

She ended up sitting up after a while and fell asleep.  This girl hasn't napped since she was 2.  So when she naps when she's know she's sick.  Praying so hard that this virus will skip over Geoff, Nolan, and myself (I'm pretty sure Grace already had this on Mother's day).

I feel like I earned another patch on my "mother vest"....the "I survived kids that were throwing up all while having a newborn" one.  There were several times this week where I was almost brought to tears just feeling a little sorry for myself...but then Nolan would sleep and allow my hands to be free for the other 2...or Parker would have a moment where she was feeling better or just being extra helpful...or Grace would have a moment where she was just being super sweet.  I wouldn't say it has been easy....and I am worn out!  :)  It's definitely all worth it, though, and I wouldn't change a thing.  
And also....I'm so thankful for the weekend!!!



Unknown said...

I agree, it sounds like you earned your badge. Newborns and older kids really make things a little extra challenging, that is for sure. Super cute photo of Nolan all dressed up, love the tie. Popping by from Life Rearranged. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on that baby boy! He is so very cute! You are a trooper -- I would have been in tears for sure (even without a newborn)! :)

Viv said...

Poor sweet Parker, so sorry she had the bug! Bless her little bones. Nolan is indeed growing and I just love seeing him in all those cute outfits!


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