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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Super Nolan's 1st Birthday Party

We had Nolan's 1st birthday party back in May…and for some reason... it just takes me forever to go through the pictures and post them.  It's not that it takes me a huge amount of time…I just procrastinate. A lot.  So….

The table of treats.

Kryptonite Jello.

Nolan's cake made by a girl we know and she did a fantastic job!

I made the table tents and these mini candy bar wrappers in Photoshop.  I printed the table tents on card stock and the mini candy bar wrappers on sticker paper.

This was my first go at making sugar cookies with royal icing.  It was….an adventure for sure.  But I really did have so much fun doing it and will definitely try doing it again.  I watched a couple of videos over on Sweet Sugarbelle and they reeeeally helped me out.

I also made these little circle Super N's in Photoshop, printed on sticker paper, and then punched them out with a 1.5inch hole punch.

I purchased this large digital "N" from AndersRuff, then had printed at Office Max, then cut out and mounted to foam board.  Advice: just let AndersRuff  do all of this for you.  You really won't save any money doing it yourself and its more work!.  
Then I just pulled out some gift boxes I already had and wrapped in solid black wrapping paper, and just cut squares and rectangles out of white card stock for the windows.

Aunt B and Nolan

me and the boy

I don't think I took pictures of the food…but we (Phil and Geoff) grilled fajitas and it was all so good!

And I guess the new thing I like to do since Grace's Frozen party….is have a little 'photo booth'….. because this ensures that I get a picture of everyone in attendance and I don't have to run around worrying about it.  The only thing is…I wish I would have gotten a picture with and without the photo prop.  Oh well…next time!

Kasey, Anna, and Brian

Dad and Kay

Uncle Dave and Aunt B

Uncle Phil, Paisley, Aunt Sis, and Payton

My sweet 90 year old Granny.

Gramma and Poppa

Mimi and Grandad


And my dear friend, Amy, came by to drop off his gift, but couldn't stay because Gibson wasn't feeling well.  We were sorry that he wasn't feeling well and couldn't stay….but very very very sweet of them to stop by!

I printed out 13 blank 'super' shields and attached a picture of Nolan from each month of his first year from newborn to 1 year.  I love how it turned out, but never got a good picture.

I made these water bottle labels in Photoshop and printed on card stock, then taped to the bottles with packing tape.

He really got into his smash cupcake and we took tons of pictures…and, of course, I could not narrow them down.  I love them all.  So I made a couple of collages to fit more in.

He was a little timid at first….and would look over at me every once in a while for approval…or rather….my disapproval.  Ha!   Then he finally figured out all systems were GO!


And afterwards….my sister and her family stayed for some play time with all of Nolan's new toys. Ha!

He must have been thirsty. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

this +that

well….this week flew by faster than any week this summer.  almost every day this week felt like it was a different day.  like all day wednesday i thought it was thursday, etc.

anyways…another good and full week in the books.  the weekend will be filled with cleaning, playing, packing, and grocery shopping.

+this guy is a mess.  and after his bath it is so hard to track him down to get his diaper and clothes on.  well on this particular night…his new pair of shoes came in the mail….and he saw them and wanted me to put them on.  then he was off!

 +Sunday morning cinnamon rolls.  in the waffle maker.  yum!  my stepsister, Aubrey, made these and gave me the idea to make them.  i've also seen them floating around Pinterest.  i don't think i'll make them in the oven again…as the waffle maker made just an all-around softer roll…and i loved how the icing filled perfectly into the grooves of the waffles…with hardly any being lost to the plate.

+slowly, but surely i'm doing more with the 3 by myself.  Monday night….frozen yogurt.  we had a really good time.

+and on the way to get the frozen yogurt…there was a 'terrible accident' and Grace's doll, Dolly, got a rip on her back.  and so she needed surgery.  and stitches.  just like Grace had needed.

+on tuesday night…girls' night mini staycation.   we started the afternoon at the hotel pool.  it was so nice!

+our view.

+love these ladies!  we met 10 years ago while teaching together at the same elementary school.  9 years ago we started a dinner club where we'd get together once a month at someone's house for dinner.  at the time…there was 1 kid between us.  and now there are 10.  over the years it dwindled from a monthly gathering…to a few times a year….and it'd be at a restaurant instead of a house.  ;)  this summer we decided to make a night of it.

+thursday, my best friend from college, Jamie, and her husband were in town, and stopped by for a visit.  she only had her biggest 2 kids…and so we decided we'd take the kids to the pool.

nolan didn't quite know what to think about his life jacket.

+and what's better for dessert after lunch in the summer... than a sno-cone?

and this selfie is kinda a joke.  we hardly have any pictures together and so we decided to take a selfie.  it was jamie's first selfie.  and i'm honored.  ;)

abby and grace played so well together in the kitchen.

+the girls really do get along and play together so nicely.  most of the time.  but then….i guess a lot of the time they bicker.  like sisters.
and so i made them give each other a hug to make-up one day last week.  grace was loving it.  and truth be told…i think parker did, too. haha!

+we visited my granny today….and, turns out, they have a stray dog that is basically their dog now.  the girls are terrified….but nolan really liked him.  a boy and a dog.


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