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Sunday, July 20, 2014


sundays used to sort of drag by for me for some reason.  but finally…over the past couple weeks…we've really gotten into a groove.  and i actually look forward to our low-key Sundays.

i usually do easy breakfasts on Sundays to help in getting us out the door on time close to on-time for church.  this morning i got up at 6:30 and was almost completely ready for the day by the time Parker came in there at 7:45.  i just really enjoyed taking my time….leisurely putting on my make-up….taking my time to blow dry my hair…just enjoyed some time for me.

my step-sister, Aubrey, posted a picture of her cinnamon roll waffles a few weeks ago and I haven't really been able to get them out of my head.  so i tried them this morning.

so so good!!  i don't think i'll ever make them in the oven again.  
what i like about them: 
-they cook more evenly than in the oven resulting in a super soft roll all around.
-those little grooves hold in all that delicious icing and very little drips onto the plate.  yum!

i didn't get a before picture of church (even though they all looked so cute…and Nolan even got a new pair of shoes that he looks adorable in) because a) i just wanted to give them a break from me taking their picture, and b) even though at one point in my morning i was way ahead schedule….we still left 4 minutes before Sunday school was supposed to start.  luckily we go to church 5 minutes away.  ;)  awww….  such is life.

we had a great morning at church.  picked up happy meals for the the girls and myself….and Nolan had just whatever i could find at the house.  i usually pick up lunch on Sundays because…it's just easier.  i won't go into my myriad of reasonings.

Nolan usually misses a morning nap and so he goes down for his afternoon nap a little early around 1:30-2:00.  then it's movie time for me and the girls.  and for the past couple of weeks…i've been trying to 'rest my eyes' during the movie and have squeezed in about an hour nap.  glorious!  (maybe that's why i'm really starting to love this day?)

this doesn't happen every Sunday…but today, the girls and I made sugar cookies for dessert for dinner. (they did help, but i didn't take pictures.  yay for just enjoying the moment!)

we were able to get the first batch of cookies into the oven before we went to get Nolan (he had been awake for a bit, but was content, so i got a few more things accomplished before getting him).  and i actually sent Parker to get him (which she loves, and i rarely do).

a snack of blueberries and milk while i get dinner started.

this boy is so good…and will play by himself or the girls almost always.  but Sundays he's a little more clingy after having gone to church, missing a nap, and just putting a bump in his schedule.  so he's on my leg quite a bit.  and i honestly don't mind the extra attention from him.  :)

we pretty much keep the tv on playing movies the rest of the afternoon.  and while i usually feel guilty about this.  today i didn't.

the boy 'helped' me empty the dishwasher.

and i got so tickled to see him take the little plates out, and because he knows they go somewhere….he took them to the table.

and even though the tv is on most of the afternoon…the girls usually get tired of it and move on to playing, regardless.  and today was the first in a long time that they played with the kitchen (of course they would, as i am seriously contemplating getting rid of it)

i totally meant to take a picture of dinner.  the girls pretty much don't want to eat a thing but fast food…and this week….this week i mean business.  they will eat what is put on their plate.  period.  (i talk so big.)
tonight we had tacos.  Grace loved them and ate 2.  Parker 'doesn't like' tacos anymore, but ate half without complaining and so i was very happy with that.  

and then there was this.  a clean dishwasher that needed to be unloaded.  and all the repercussions of cookie and dinner making.  (somehow, i literally spent 3 hours in the kitchen….from 3:45 to 6:45.  i sat down to eat for 15 minutes tops.  my feet hurt!!!)

my house can be a cluttered mess most of the time (because, well, i have 3 small children)….but to have my kitchen all picked up, put up, & cleaned up..…well it's just the yang to the yin that is the rest of the house.  and i can tolerate it most of the time.  :)

and this picture illustrates some of the clean laundry i need to fold and put away.  and how i had the best of intentions of doing today.  but will obligingly wait until tomorrow.

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Viv said...

Looks like a very wonderful Sunday to me! Love that he helps unload the dishwasher.


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