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Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th, 2014

We had a pretty full day.  It started off with a few pictures.  Some of my favorites, thus far, I might add.  Haha.

The grass was a little wet and so Nolan was NOT having it.  But such is life.

Poor bub.  Those big tears!

After Nolan's morning nap and lunch…we headed outside for some sand & water cart and poolside fun.

Not sure, sometimes, why I like to make more work for myself?  But I was really wanting to make this fruit pizza.  So I did.  Yum!

And then we headed to my mom's for a few sparklers and smoke bombs.  Thanks, Uncle Phil!

Big boy is into everything!

The girls really wanted to see fireworks, but it was still too light outside.  But we did head to the front yard so Nolan could walk around a little more freely.  Until Aunt Sis sat him up in the back of her car with her where he pretty much drank all of Payton's water.

Cousins.  And best friends.

Parker, Gramma, and Poppa.

And because he goes everywhere and never stops…he ended up in the stroller.  But enjoyed that, too,

So all in all…we had a very good day.  So thankful for our independence, and for all those who fought and sacrificed (and are still fighting and sacrificing) so that we could have this freedom.

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Viv said...

Looked like a really fun day! Such good pictures Marla, you really could do it for a living you know!


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