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Friday, July 11, 2014

11 on 11

so…i had initially planned on doing 10 on 10….where you take a photo for 10 hours on the 10th of the month and then share them here.  well that didn't happen.  so then i was going to do 11 photos on the 11th.  and i still only ended up with 10.   so oh well...I'm going to share them regardless.  :)

+early morning trip to the grocery store.  i tried to beat the kids up and be out the door and back before they woke up.  but they came out of their room right as i was about to sneak out.
but still….a virtually empty grocery store with no little ones in tow.

+while nolan napped- i took the girls to the pool.  parker is really impressing me.  i guess she's at that age and skill level where she can now swim and do and go as she pleases.

+after lunch, i took the girls to my sister's, and nolan and i ran up to costco.  this is the 'cheese' face he makes…seriously….all on his own when i pull out my phone or camera.

+picked up fruit at costco.  so yummy and fresh and colorful in the summertime.

+sweet boy.  

+we've had frozen shrimp in our fridge for i don't even know how long.   and around 3:30pm this afternoon…we were still trying to figure out dinner.  so we shopped our freezer and decided on tilapia and shrimp…both things that would thaw quickly.  and so glad we did.  so so so so good.

+he loved the corn!

+and after a fairly healthy meal…it's only appropriate to follow with dessert.

+and this pile of laundry.  while it can definitely be overwhelming at times….so thankful for it.
for the people who's laundry it is.  and for clean water and a washer & dryer to clean them.

1 comment:

Viv said...

Loved all the pictures as usual! Dearly loved your analogy of the laundry basket! So very true!


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