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Friday, July 18, 2014

this week….

before church picture of my girlies.

 a tired boy after church.  he usually misses his morning nap on Sundays.

 the cutest little 4 year-old silverware putter-upper i've ever seen this year.

it can definitely be overwhelming at times to take all 3 kids by myself to a store.  but this past monday we headed to Target to do some school supply shopping.  and as we were walking up….i couldn't help but love our shadows.  loved that they were with me.  that it was us.
me and our three.

 never a dull moment.

i've mentioned before….but we put the girls to bed together (since they share a room)…and on some nights….we give Parker permission to 'sneak out' about 15 minutes later to have some time with just us.  the deal is….she doesn't quite need as much sleep as little sister….and the added bonus….one-on-one time with her.  so sometimes she plays on the iPad…and sometimes we play.

my sister came over for dinner tuesday.  we took an after dinner walk to the school playground.  love watching these cousins together.  i hope they're always close.

later in the week…my niece came over, and i took them to 'the big park', as we call it.  
ducks in a row.

they ran around chasing each other for 10 minutes (yes, i timed it).

then they were ready to go.  so i lured them to the swings saying they'd cool them off.   yeh- they didn't buy that either so we left after a total of 20 minutes.  I thought since it was 'only' 88 degrees it wouldn't be too hot, but coupled with the humidity….it was pretty hot!

we came home to put Nolan down for a nap.  then i played Old Maid with the girls.  this was Payton's (my niece) first time…and Grace had really only played once before.  anyways….Payton picked the Old Maid from Grace and the girls just thought this was so funny (well, obviously, Payton did not)…and Grace yelled out, "she got the Old Navy!"  the funniest thing about it…she had no idea she was saying it wrong.  and by the second game…they were all calling her Old Navy.

slumber party!

and this morning.  
3 kids playing by the open windows (in Texas) is July.  crazy!

the kids are spending the night with my sister tonight… night.  and it always seems like we pack so much.
but they're pretty cute.

i love looking back at the week and all the pictures i took on my phone.  when i do pull out my 'big' camera….it always encourages me to do it more because the images are really so much better.  but my phone allows me the convenience of pulling it out in a moment's notice and also not having to worry camera settings.  but as i've said many times and will continues to say…quality aside…these are my favorites.

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Viv said...

As usual, very special pictures! I hope they remain close as cousins too! All of our grand babies love each other so much and I pray it stays that way. Family is everything for sure!


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