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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's go to the movies!

Parker has been having a tough time for the past few weeks with me working...and missing me.  They (whoever 'they' is) say that it is harder on us to leave our kids than it is on them.  Well- maybe that is true......but she has had a difficult time lately....and although it is also true that I am having a very difficult time leaving takes the dagger a bit deeper when I see her so sad.

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I was leaving for work......Geoff brought the girls outside to wave bye to me.  I backed out of the driveway.....and Parker ran down to the curb.  She said, crying, "Mommy!  I don't want you to go to work!  Pleeease don't go to work."  (I tear up just writing this)  Anyway- I told her I had to go to work, that I loved her so much.....and we went back and forth a bit until I finally had to drive off.  She stood there at the curb....crying....and I watched her in the rear view....until we were too far apart to see each other.  It was like something out of the movies.  She was crying.  I was crying.


I had this weekend off....and when we have weekends off together....we try to pack as much into them as we can.  We decided that I would take Parker on a 'date' today after church.  Well- we didn't make it to church because Grace has been stopped up and snotty for the past few days.

But when 1100 came around....Parker and I left the house and headed to lunch.  We ate at Ruby Tuesdsay's just the 2 of us.  We sat in a booth on the same side.  At one point not long after we were sat....she made a giddy laugh and leaned over and hugged me.

After lunch- we walked over to the movie theater for Parker's first movie-going experience.  We saw Winnie the Pooh.  She knows who he is, I guess,....but we don't watch a cartoon or anything like I think she would have been more into something else that she was more familiar with.

I had wanted to take her to Toy Story 3 last year because she had seen the first 2 at our house and knew the characters, etc.  But, alas, we never made it.  But there was still something fun about today....and how I would tell her that we were 'going to the movies'......and she would ask things like, "are we going to bring the movie home and watch it?"  why you say 'go to the movies'?  'is there a fountain in the movies?"  Those were just a few things she said, but I've already forgotten so many.

I really wanted to get this picture of her in front of the big theater.....and of course, she is blurry and the building is not.  It is hard to see my LCD screen in the sun.....and it was so hot.  So I only got this one.  But wouldn't it have been so good if I had gotten my focus right??

I started making this dress last night with a new pattern and fabric that I got a few weeks ago.....and finished it right before we left.  The straps turned out way too long.  And It was not my intention for them to be this long.  And I am going to rip those seams and fix those straps and hopefully get another picture soon.  Will I ever learn to not try out new patterns in such a crunch?  But I had worked so hard to get it done....that I let her wear it regardless.  And, more importantly, she didn't mind.  ;)

Those are some looong straps!  Haha!

I also did not pick out her pink sparkly shoes.  But some battles aren't worth fighting.  ;)

She did ok throughout the movie.  I had never been to this theater....and the seats fold she was way too small to keep it down.  Which was fine because she just sat in my lap the whole time, but we won't be going back there for a few more years!

She did tell me several times that she was ready to go home, but I would distract her by saying things like "but they have to find Christopher Robins first"....and she'd be fine for a while.  Then she'd ask to go home again.  And I'd say something like....."but we have to see if they find Eeyore's tail"....and she would be ok again.

Once the credits began....she quickly jumped up and walked to the end of the aisle like she was ready to go.  But by the time we got out the doors of the theater.....the fit began about how she wanted to go back into the movies.  It was a little disheartening because we had just had our 'special day' and this was the thanks I got.  And it was hot.  And she was tired.  And I was tired.  And did I mention that it was hot?
So we got in the car and came home.  We had a fairly busy rest-of-the-day.

We made some homemade salsa to go with a few meals we semi have planned for the week.

I actually made dessert and let the girls lick the 'spoons'.

While I was doing other things to prepare dinner- Geoff was entertaining the girls.

I said, "Don't they have a sign or something on those tubs saying not to put your kids in them?"

He said, "Yeh.....but they just say they don't want you to put the lid on it when they're in there."

Me:  (sigh) oook????

I guess I am on a little pizza kick.  We made PW's BBQ chicken pizza yesterday.  And we made her taco pizza today.  I had wanted to make the taco pizza since the day I first saw it, and although it is 'easy''s not just a 'throw together last minute' meal. 

We left off the homemade tortilla strips because I was lacking the extra energy to make those and clean it up.  But it was still so good.  Seriously.  Make this.

And finished off the day with sopapilla cheesecake for dessert.  The girls love this.  We love this.  And it's so easy.  It's a no brainer.

I think I might need to go eat another piece of that pizza......

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Saturday

We woke up a little before 7 today....compliments of our 3 year old.   ;)  We had discussed the night before a few of the things that we wanted to get done today.  And among the list out the garage.....and cleaning out the office.  The former was the only thing we really got accomplished, but we'll take what we can get!  I started on the office....but really- my issue is that I don't know where exactly to put everything and for it to be accessible.  So it takes me a while to sort it out.  But in the meantime....the mess is driving me crazy!

Moving on....

For the first time since we've been married.....we can now fit TWO cars in the garage!!  It is a tight fit, that's for sure, and we still should probably get rid of a few things to make it not so tight.....but this is my picture for proof.  haha.  We'll see how long this lasts.  ;)

While Geoff was working in the heat....I took the girls with me to Michael's and then to Payless.  Grace seriously jumped in shoe size from a 4 to a 6.5.  It seriously took me a while to process after the lady measured her foot.  I remember in February when I stocked up on shoes for the spring (and I thought for the summer)....and I bought Grace some size 4 sandals....they were probably a size and a half too big for her then.  Anyway- I tried them on her several times, and they still never fit.  Too big.  Until one day....they were too small.  She never wore them!  No big deal, I guess.  But She really did jump from a size 4 to 6.5/7 (because her foot is so wide).  And in some ways broke my heart because because it was not too long ago that Parker was a 7!!  Like....last year.  Uh.   Goes by way too fast.

We stopped by Chipotle to pick up lunch.  Came home.  Ate.  Then, per Parker's request....she wanted to paint.  This is, by far, her favorite thing to do these days.  She mostly paints with water colors, but it's a special treat to paint with my paints.  I decided to let Grace have a go this time, too.

Grace started telling me "No!" (her favorite word) reference to not wanting me to take her picture.  And then Parker chimed in, "Yeh.....NO!".  So this is all I got of her.  ;)

"Show me your teeth!"

"Show me your hands!"  Only....I got her face, not her hands.  She was only occupied by this for a few short minutes....then just wanted to put her paint brush in the water.  But I would hold onto the water while she would do this, because I know that the ultimate result, had I let her have the cup of water, would have been a spilled glass of water. 

Then she said, "Momma!  Wook!"  And held up her picture.  She held it up so good, but I didn't take the picture in Geoff helped her out.  She was so proud.

After I put Grace down for a nap....Parker and I started a new 'project.'    I got this idea somewhere over the past week but I can't find it (and it's really bothering me), but will post the source as soon as I can.  You paint river rocks, then put the alphabet on them, paint them different colors....can be used for sorting and whatever.  I figured Parker could help me paint them.  I'll touch them up one night while she's sleeping.  And hopefully we'll get some good use out of them with the 2 girls.

She had the best time.  And was so excited and felt so important painting her rocks.  They didn't take long to dry, and I had hoped to finish painting them tonight, but ran out of energy.  They'll be there tomorrow, though.  And the day after that.  ;)

I even let her have a few sips of my Dr. Pepper.  (I don't know if this makes me a good or bad mom?  Probably the latter.)

For dinner.....we made a spin off of PW's BBQ chicken pizza.  We left out the red onion because we just didn't have one.  But it still turned out so. good.

We made the girls a separate cheese pizza, that they, of course, had already eaten by the time we sat down to eat.  So while we were eating, Parker sat in Geoff's lap and played a learning game.  We were impressed by her use of the mouse on the laptop,  She's getting so big....and will be 4 in less than 2 months!

Grace loves this teapot that you see in the background.  When you push the button at the top, it plays the song "I'm a little teapot."  So being in a goofy mood, I started standing up, doing hand motions...and singing it really loud.  She loved it.

And Daddy helped her out, too. 

" over and pour. me. out!"

Then she starts in with, "Yay!!!  And smiling the sweetest smile.

Then she went back to do it again.

And again.

And again.  ;)

And so we had to finish off the night with Braum's.  Geoff handed Grace these sunglasses when he got in the car.... and she put them on herself.  I looked back at her....and seriously.....she was sitting there with this "I'm just chilling" look.  Still now- this picture makes me laugh out loud.  Love this kid.

Parker got her 'pink' ice cream.

And we got a banana split.  It had melted a bit when we got home, but it was still so good!

We had a good Saturday......and looking forward to a date with my oldest gal tomorrow after church.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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